Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

The Bulgarian lev is the official currency of Bulgaria. The currency code for the Bulgarian lev is BGN and its symbol is лв. A popular nickname for the lev is ‘kint’. The lev is printed in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. The plural of lev is ‘leva’. Since 2015, Bulgarians have replaced the 2-leva note with the 2-leva coin. Leva coins come in denominations of stotinka, with one stotinka equaling one-hundredth of a lev.

Currency name

Bulgarian Lev

Currency symbol


BGN exchange rates

  Euro US Dollar British Pound Sterling Romanian Leu Indian Rupee Turkish Lira Swiss Franc Canadian Dollar
From Bulgarian Lev 0.51130 0.61704 0.44429 2.51816 46.27370 5.13683 0.56437 0.77006
To Bulgarian Lev 1.95580 1.62065 2.25076 0.39711 0.02161 0.19467 1.77188 1.29860

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