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Wise Reviews

It’s your money. You can trust us to get it where it needs to be, but don’t take our word for it. Read our customer reviews and safety information before sending your money with us.

How does Wise work?

Use this calculator to tell us how much money you want to send and where you want to send it. You'll see our fees and exchange rate upfront (we always use the mid-market rate), so you can check to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Create your free account and tell us who you’re sending the money to, along with their local bank details (your recipient doesn’t need to use Wise for you to send money to them).

Pay by credit or debit card or make a local bank transfer to Wise’s bank account in your country.

Leave the rest to us - our smart technology links local bank accounts in countries all over the world. We use two local transfers to send money instead of one, pricey, international one.

We move over $6 billion every month, and save people and businesses $3 million in hidden fees every day.

Customers love Wise, we've got more than 190,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average score of 4.3 out of 5.

Over 10 million people across the globe have used Wise to send money.

Authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Is Wise safe?

Yes it is. Since 2011, more than 16 million customers have used Wise. And every month, they trust us to move over $6 billion of their money. We work hard to keep all these customers and their money secure.

How we keep your money safe

We have bank level data security. We will never sell your data.

Plus, we’ve got a specialised, in-house team that look after security. It’s their job to keep Wise watertight. They do training regularly — and they’re always reviewing our processes. Because of their work, we’re at the cutting edge of financial security. And you can rest assured your money’s safe.

Want to know more? Wise has been reviewed by Forbes, Nerdwallet, The Telegraph and Sitepoint among many others. You can also find more than 190,000 customer reviews on TrustPilot, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. Read on to see what our customers have to say about us.

is wise safe

Wise customer reviews.

Send the money from your online banking

Top notch service and quality user experience

Simple, useful and clear User Interface design. On the top of that, amazing service speed, smooth and fast transaction process in international transfers.

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Get the best rate

The fastest, reliable and the cheapest

I have been using Wise for four years. It is the most trustful, fastest, easiest to use and cheapest service to transfer money. I am very satisfied with the Wise service which informs me on every step.

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Directly from Wise’s local bank account

Best fees in the market at the moment

The fees that are charged by Wise are extremely competitive and its debit card is very useful, specially if you travel and deal with several currency at the same time. It's become the bank I use the most.

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Send the money from your online banking

Spot On

As always, a great fast and efficient service. An issue with the receiving bank not accepting any inward coming money was resolved quickly and from experience I know that my own bank would have dragged their feet.

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Get the best rate

Excellent service

Customer service who are easy to be contacted (human) unlike other companies who are replacing humans with auto voice messages which is toooo complicated. And the staff at customer service are knowledgeable and helpful unlike other companies where they send customers in circles.

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Directly from Wise’s local bank account

Love Wise

Within the first month I had saved well over 60% on my usual monthly bank fees as I'm living abroad and am constantly using different currencies. Absolutely love the new feature of the 'jars' for saving money now too.

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Wise card reviews.

Send the money from your online banking

Replaced my visa card

It has saved a lot of money as the fees are very low and what you pay is transparent at the time of the transaction or conversion. Having so many currencies adds to the benefits of the card as does having actual bank accounts in different currencies is brilliant.

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Get the best rate

Vital companion

The associated card can be extraordinarily useful too. Everything works particularly smoothly, and securely, on the smartphone app.

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Directly from Wise’s local bank account

Easy to use when travelling or purchasing online

Of particular interest and concern to me is the transparent manner in which it operates. I get an email for every transaction so I always know where I stand with my account.

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Bye bye bank fees, hello world

Use Wise to make a safe, instant payment across borders, at the mid market rate, no sneaky fees.

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