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One account, for all the money in the world

175 countries. 50 currencies. One card. Take on the world with Wise — the universal account for sending, spending, and receiving money like a local.

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The smart way to manage money on the go

Choose from 50 currencies to use or keep to hand in your Wise account, and convert them in seconds. Receive money internationally too, with account details and IBANs for 10 currencies. Use them to get money from overseas without any fees at all.
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Pay your way round the world with a universal card

If you’ve got the local currency, we’ll use it. If you don’t, we’ll convert to it at a cheap rate. So in store or online, you’ve always got the right kind of money, for the right price.
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Save up to 6x when you send money

Sending money shouldn’t cost the earth, so we built Wise to save you money when you transfer and exchange internationally. We charge as little as possible: right now a tiny fee, eventually free.
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It’s your money. Make it work for you

Get more control with Assets. Switch any currency you hold from cash to stocks to put your stake in the global market, and still access it whenever you need to — 24/7. Capital at risk.

Investment activity takes place under TINV Ltd, a new business subsidiary created to carry out investment activities and operate Assets. TINV Ltd is appropriately authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA number is 839689.

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Register for a free account in minutes

Get verified with your ID by our team

Add money in the currencies you want

Trust us to look after your money

We help over 13 million people move £8 billion every month — here’s how we make sure it’s safe.
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Privacy and data

We protect your details through strict standards and 2FA.

Dedicated support

Questions? Get 24/7 help in 14 languages.

International safeguarding

We’re regulated by national authorities around the globe.