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Spend in multiple currencies with the Wise Business card.

Get cards for your team to spend all over the world — with no foreign transaction charges.
Wise Business debit card

Pay with the real exchange rate.

Pay in the currency of the country you’re buying from to save on conversion fees.

Our cards let your team pay like locals wherever they are — at the real exchange rate with no hidden fees.

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Wise Business debit card

Keep your money safe, and your account secure.

Spending alerts

Spending alerts

Get instant spending notifications and track business expenses in your Wise app.

Stay in control

Stay in control

Approve card payments instantly. Set spending limits on your business account and control payment methods.

Freeze your card

Freeze your card

Card gone walkies? Stop anyone using it in a single tap. You can defrost it just as easily if it turns up.

Keep track of what your team spends.

Team members can all have their own cards on your Wise Business account. So they don’t need to use personal cards for business expenses — and you can see what they’re spending in real time.

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Wise Business debit card

Spend before your card even arrives.

No waiting around for delivery. Your card details appear on your account as soon as you order.

So you can start spending with Google Pay or Apple Pay immediately — in-store and online.

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Wise Business debit card


We follow a strict set of rules set by regulatory agencies in every single country we operate in, from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK to FinCen in the US. These agencies are there to protect you. And they make sure that we’re always acting honestly and fairly. On top of that, we have bank level data security. We will never sell your data.

Plus, we have a specialised, in-house team that look after security. It’s their job to keep Wise watertight. They do training regularly — and they’re always reviewing our processes. Because of their work, we’re at the cutting edge of financial security. And you can rest assured your money’s safe.

Want to know more? Wise has been reviewed by Forbes, Nerdwallet, the Telegraph and Sitepoint among many others. You can also find over 100k customer reviews on TrustPilot, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Wise Business cards come with default and maximum limits. You can choose or change these in your app. You can also turn off specific features like contactless payments, for individual cards.

You can pay with your Wise Business card almost anywhere in the world, but there are a few exceptions. So if you're going abroad, check if your destination is listed below.

Your card won't work in these countries:

Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo and DR of Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The first card on your Wise Business account is included in your one-time setup fee of 16 GBP. After that, cards for team members cost 3 GBP each.

And that’s it! Your Wise Business account gives you everything you need for international banking and we don’t charge any subscription fees.

Spending on our cards is designed to be in the local currency. So you don’t get hit with foreign transaction fees. If you don’t have the currency in your account, our Smart Conversion technology will automatically convert the balance that has the lowest conversion fee.

Check our help center for answers.

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