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Payouts platform for global businesses

Make fast, low-cost payouts to all your customers, freelancers, employees, investors, and suppliers around the world.


Make multiple payouts faster, and for less

Whether you call them bulk payments, mass payouts, or batch payments, we can help.

Use our Batch Payments tool to make up to 1,000 payouts in one go. Payments can be processed by uploading a single CSV file and without the need for integrations.

For fully automated payouts you can connect with the Wise API.

A great experience
Fast, reliable, and cost-efficient payouts for your business and customers.
Easily implemented
Integrate with our API or set up payouts in seconds. Collect details via .csv and fund payouts from balances or bank transfer.
Manage your finances
Easily keep track of your payments and manage your accounts. Seamless integration with accounting software including QuickBooks and Xero.
Built with security in mind
We meet the strictest security standards and certifications. We use two-factor authentication and invest heavily in sophisticated fraud detection.

Reliable payment processing

The Wise batch payments tool lets you make multiple payouts using the same unique international money transfer features available on our consumer platform.

Features include a delivery estimator, pay-to-email, and real-time tracking as well as reports, funding from balances and more.


Automated payments with our API

Automate invoice payments, recurring transfers, standing orders, or international payroll. It only takes a few minutes to get a sandbox account to start testing and building with our API.


Our customers love our fast payouts, and so will yours

The growth of our business is driven by word of mouth — and that’s because we’re focused on solving customer problems.

Our transfers are fast — more than 50%* arrive within one hour and the rest arrive within one business day. Your recipients won’t need an account with Wise to get paid — we do payouts directly to bank accounts.

Our platform is full of features to make business more efficient, like accounting integrations, multi-user access and multi-currency account.


*The speed of transaction depends on individual circumstances and may not be available for all transactions.

Your operations in mind

Support and account management
Our multilingual team is based in support centres around the world. They’re here for you — and everyone you pay — across phone and email channels.
Automatic bounce back reconciliation
We automatically repair problematic payments, including rejected ones.
Tracking and reporting
Track your mass payouts in real-time, with secure access to online reporting.
Global reach
Make payouts to 70+ countries in local currency. Hold over 50 currencies — and switch between them when the exchange rate looks good.

Keeping your money safe

Compliance and FinCrime operations
Our compliance team has over 500 people in FinCrime operations including AML monitoring, sanction checks and fraud prevention.
Bank-grade security
We’re end-to-end encrypted. This means that all your data, and money, is secure. For you and your customers.
Security certifications
We meet the highest security standards, and are SOC 1 type 2, SOC 2 type 2, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certified
View our certificates
24/7 Security Operations
We constantly monitor for anomalies and keep up with the latest attack vectors. Regular penetration tests from independent auditors

**Wise is a Money Service Business, licensed to operate as a Money Transmitter in the US.

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Our payouts team will help you find a solution that best fits your business' needs.

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