Czech Republic Koruna (CZK)

The Czech koruna is the official currency of the Czech Republic. Koruna is the Czech word for crown. The Czech koruna is often called the Czech crown in English. The code for the Czech koruna is CZK. Its symbol is Kč, placed after the value (e.g. 5 Kč). The koruna is subdivided into 100 haléřů (shortened ‘h’), or, when singular, haléř. (Though due to inflation, haléře are no longer minted.) The Czech koruna is fiat money and is not pegged to the Euro or backed by gold.

Currency name

Czech Republic Koruna

Currency symbol

CZK exchange rates

  Euro US Dollar British Pound Sterling Indian Rupee Hungarian Forint Canadian Dollar Australian Dollar Polish Zloty
From Czech Republic Koruna 0.03873 0.04676 0.03375 3.50594 14.07100 0.05847 0.06039 0.17641
To Czech Republic Koruna 25.82150 21.38540 29.63390 0.28523 0.07107 17.10260 16.55870 5.66870

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