Australian Dollar (AUD)

The Australian dollar is the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia and its independent islands. AUD is the code for the dollar. It’s symbolised by $, but can be written using A$ or AU$ to distinguish it from other dollar-based currencies. The AUD is most commonly exchanged in global markets with the British pound, and it is a fiat currency. It’s the fifth most traded currency in the world, behind the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, and the pound sterling. The conversion factor for AUD has 5 significant digits.

Currency name

Australian Dollar

Currency symbol


AUD exchange rates

  US Dollar Indian Rupee Euro British Pound Sterling Philippine Peso New Zealand Dollar Malaysian Ringgit Singapore Dollar
From Australian Dollar 0.77255 57.05130 0.64379 0.55593 37.08630 1.07284 3.18638 1.03278
To Australian Dollar 1.29441 0.01753 1.55330 1.79878 0.02696 0.93211 0.31384 0.96826

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