Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

The hryvnia or hryvnya (plural: hryvni or гривні ) is the currency of Ukraine. It’s written as гривня in Ukrainian, and is abbreviated as грн. The hryvnia uses the currency code UAH and the symbol ₴. The most popular hryvnia exchange is with the euro. The hryvnia is named after a measure of weight used in medieval times. It is a fiat currency.

Currency name

Ukrainian Hryvnia

Currency symbol

UAH exchange rates

  US Dollar Indian Rupee Euro British Pound Sterling Canadian Dollar Polish Zloty Russian Ruble Australian Dollar
From Ukrainian Hryvnia 0.03575 2.67453 0.02985 0.02592 0.04480 0.13587 2.73195 0.04609
To Ukrainian Hryvnia 27.97500 0.37390 33.50430 38.57750 22.31930 7.35991 0.36604 21.69460

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