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Money without borders

Our Mission

Instant, convenient, transparent, and eventually free.

Send the money as fast as an email


Make sending money across countries as fast as sending an email - sender to recipient in under 20 seconds.

Simplest way to manage your money


Make living an international life blissful. We're building the simplest way for you to manage your money.

No hidden fees


Be 100% honest about our fees & how we run our business, and encourage others in the industry to follow our lead.

Charge as little as possible

Eventually free

Charge as little as possible when most companies charge as much as they can get away with. We believe in pricing for you, not us.

Mission Updates: Track our progress

There's no point in having a mission if we're not holding ourselves accountable for achieving it.

That's why every quarter since Wise was born, we post an update to give customers visibility on exactly what we've delivered within the previous three months; to help us get more instant, convenient, transparent, and eventually free.

QuarterPublish date

18th October, 2022

19th July, 2022

5th May, 2022

19th January, 2022

19th October, 2021

16th July, 2021

14th May, 2021

How far away are we from completing our Mission?

As transparent as it gets - track the progress we've made over the past fews months in our latest Mission Update

Read the Q3'22 Mission Update

Mission Roadmap: What we're building

Our teams are constantly building new products and features that help us get closer to our mission.

Our open roadmap shows what our teams are working on. It tells you which region will benefit, which team is working on it, which of our mission pillars it targets, and when we expect it to launch.

Learn more

An input form and bank card

What have we built recently?

Our Mission Pillars.


No one should have to wait around for their money. It should be just as quick to send money 100 meters or 1,000 miles. 
As fast as pushing send on an email. 3, 2, gone.

The banks were slooow. But we’ve built our own network that runs on sprinter-fast speeds. So fast that now over half our transfers arrive within 20 seconds. One day it’ll be 100% instant.

An input form and bank card


Money can be stressful. But the way you keep, manage and move your money should be stress-free. Blissful, even.

You should be able to live your international life with no limits. To live, work and play anywhere seamlessly. So if we can do anything different to make Wise easier for you, tell us (better yet, add your ideas to our Mission Roadmap).

An input form and bank card


We’ve got nothing to hide. Nada. Have a look around — everything is up-front.

It’s more than just no hidden fees. That’s why we update everyone on our mission every single quarter. It’s your money. So you deserve to know exactly where it is, what’s happening to it, and how much it costs to move, convert and send it. You’ll never hear “surprise!” from us.

An input form and bank card

Eventually free.

We’re here to save you money. When you send it, convert between currencies, get paid. So you can keep more to do the things you love. Not fill some big pockets somewhere.

There’s a whole team at Wise who exist to drive down our fees. And we’ll only ever charge the rate you see on Google, and our tiny fees. One day using Wise will be free.

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