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Current banking systems don't let us send, spend or receive money easily. Or quickly. Or cheaply. So we're building a new one.

It's about time

Since the dawn of the internet, most of the technology we rely on has been reinvented for the better. But international finance is stubbornly immune to progress.

Old-fashioned bank accounts only work properly in one country and one currency. The financial plumbing that connects them internationally is rusted. If you've ever sent money abroad, you know how expensive and slow it can be. And forget about understanding the pricing.

That’s where we come in.

Man using the Wise app.

Welcome to money without borders

When you send an email to someone in another country, you expect it to get there as quickly as if you sent it next door. And it does. Because email is just data.

These days, most money is data, too. There's no reason it can't travel as cheaply and quickly as email.

So we're building new pipes to make moving money as easy as possible, as fast as possible, and as cheap as possible. And new products that let people and businesses take advantage of them.

Our mission is to make money without borders the new normal. For everyone.

Woman usign the wise card online.

Our philosophy

We obsess about our mission in a way other companies don't. And we stay on track by following 3 unorthodox principles.

We're driven by 3 unorthodox principles

Be radically transparent

Most companies aren't always 100% honest about their fees and profits. We believe in having nothing to hide.

Charge as little as possible

Most companies charge as much as they can get away with. We believe in pricing for you, not us.

Make premium the new normal

Most companies have select products for select people. We believe in the best for everyone.

Be radically transparent

We believe in having nothing to hide.

  1. Our fees will always be clear and upfront, so you always know how much you're spending.

  2. We'll never mark up the exchange rate. You'll always get the real rate, like the one you see on Google.

  3. If anything ever changes on our side, we'll let you know as soon as possible.

 Graph showing transparency

Charge as little as possible

We believe in pricing for you, not us.

  1. We'll never set prices to maximize profits. We'll set them to maximize how much you can save.

  2. When our costs go down, your prices will go down. But occasionally, if our costs go up, we'll raise your price.

  3. Sometimes, we won't be your cheapest option. Whenever possible, our price comparison tool will let you know that.

Graph showing fees

Make premium the new normal

We believe in the best for everyone.

  1. We promise to make everything as fast as possible. Our goal is instant transfers for everyone, everywhere.

  2. We believe you should get support in your language and timezone. And if you need to talk to someone, it should never be a robot.

  3. We don't believe in premium products or subscription pricing. Only clear, straightforward fees that are fair for everyone.

Infography showing flags connected

We're setting a new global standard for financial companies, and how they treat their customers

Taavet and Kristo, Wise founders


We're building the best way to move and amange the world's money. Min fees. Max ease. Full speed.