Free invoice template for Word

Download a free professional invoice template in Microsoft Word. Then receive fee-free payments from all over the world, with Wise Business.

Download MS Word invoice template.

Bill template in Word

A simple template that you can customize and fill in. Give your customers all they need, to get paid quicker.

Invoice template Word download →

Blank invoice template in Word

Add your company logo, and switch up the colors easily in Word to fit your brand. A professional invoice which reflects your company image.

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Sample invoice template in Word

Give a better client experience, with a smart and sleek invoice template to customize, print or send online.

Invoice template Word download →

Create an invoice and send it to your client.

Create your invoice in Word

Get your free invoice template docx, customize it to reflect your brand, and add your payment details. Word makes it easy to create a simple but effective invoice, which can be opened on most computers.

Send your invoice

Send your completed invoice online to make it easier for your customers to pay, and quicker for you to get your money.

Get paid with Wise

Open a Wise Business account online - and start invoicing your clients in no time. It’s free to receive money from around the world.

Wise is the cheaper, faster way to receive payments from abroad.

Sending invoices to customers based abroad? You need a smart account which lets you get paid quickly - and won’t cost the earth.

With the Wise Business account you can receive payments for free in US, Australian and New Zealand dollars, euros and British pounds.

And you’ll win when it comes to paying suppliers and staff, too. Using Wise to make cross-border payments can be 19x cheaper than using PayPal - and much cheaper than your regular bank too.

Accounts come with batch payment facilities, Xero integration and automation with our powerful open API - saving you time as well as money.

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Find different invoice formats and styles.

Find different invoice template formats.

How to make an invoice in Word?

  1. Download the template you like the best.

  2. Fill it in. Read more about filling in the template.

  3. Customize with your company logo, brand colors, and the fonts of your choice.

  4. Save your invoice in a way you’ll be able to find and recognize it - try Clients Name - Invoice #number

  5. Send the invoice via email or mail.

Ready to customize your invoices and get paid into your Wise Business account? Download your invoice template in Word.

how to make an invoice

Filling in the invoice template.

Fill in your company and contact information, date and invoice number.
Don’t have a business account yet? Get your free business bank account details with Wise.
Include descriptions of billable work, and agreed rates.
Complete the simple table describing work covered by the invoice, including project or hourly rates as agreed.
Add tax and calculate the amount due, noting payment terms.
Check and double check the totals, and detail when you’re expecting payment so there are no surprises.
Get paid using your Wise bank account details.
Get paid for free using your local bank details for the US, UK, Eurozone, Poland, Australia or New Zealand. Simple.

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