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Get your free purchase order template. And when it’s time to pay your suppliers, send money internationally.

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Create your purchase order

If you’re a small business owner you’ve got a lot on your plate. Cut your admin time by using our handy free purchase order template when you buy services, supplies and raw materials. Simply download the purchase order form and enter the details for your order.

Send your purchase order

You can email a digital copy of your purchase order to your supplier - or print and mail a hard copy.

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What is a purchase order form?

You’ll need to use a purchase order (PO) when you want to buy goods or services from a seller. The PO confirms all the details of the purchase, including the product or service you’re buying, the quantity, price, delivery date and payment terms.

As the buyer, you create your purchase order, including any special requests or conditions, and send it to the seller. If they agree to the terms of the PO, they can then decide to accept the purchase by signing the order. Once signed, the purchase order becomes legally binding.

Whenever you create a purchase order, you’ll give it a unique PO number. This number can be used to track the order and payment, and is often included on the invoice issued by the seller after the delivery of goods.

Both business owners and suppliers use purchase orders as an official record of purchases they agree to. You can think of it as a contractual agreement you’re entering into with a seller - which can be used as proof of the order you made if there’s any problem down the line.

what is a purchase order form

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Download purchase order template.

Purchase order template in Word

Download our smart but simple Word purchase order template. Word documents are flexible, easy to customize, and can be opened on practically any computer.

Purchase order template Word download

Purchase order format in Word →

Purchase order form in Excel

Fill in your purchase order form in Excel. Excel documents are great when you need to calculate subtotals, totals, tax and more - making this a good tool for more complex orders.

Purchase order template Excel download →

Purchase order format in Excel →

Order form template

How to create a purchase order?

Customize the purchase order spreadsheet.
Make the PO your own by adding your company's name, contact, shipping and billing information, and the seller's contact information.
Include the purchase details on your PO.
Build your purchase order by entering the type and quantity, model numbers and cost of goods or services purchased. You’ll also need to confirm the payment conditions and terms, and the expected delivery date.
Save a backup copy of your file and send the purchase order to your vendor.
Once you’re happy with your completed purchase order form, save a copy for your records and email or mail a copy to your supplier.
Pay and get paid using your Wise bank account details.
Use your Wise Business account to pay your supplier - and get paid for free using your local bank details for the US, UK, Eurozone, Hungary, Turkey, Australia or New Zealand. Simple.
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