VAT calculator

Invoicing clients and need how much VAT to charge? Use our simple VAT calculator to work out how much you should charge your clients, wherever they are in the world. Input your amount and the rate of VAT you'll be charging, select whether you want to include or exclude VAT, and the calculator will do the rest.

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How to calculate VAT?

Total price including VAT - Standard Rate

The standard rate applies to most goods and services.

To work out the total price at the standard rate of VAT (20%), multiply the original price by 1.2. To calculate the reduced VAT rate (5%), multiply the original price by 1.05.

Total price excluding VAT - Reduced Rate

The reduced rate applies to a selection of goods and services including health products, fuel and children’s car seats.

You can calculate the total price excluding the standard VAT rate (20%) by dividing the original price by 1.2. To work out the reduced VAT rate (5%), divide the original price by 1.05.

VAT calculator

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VAT calculation — adding VAT to net amount.

Here are some examples of the standard VAT rate and reduced VAT rate added to the total price.

Net amount20% VAT5% VAT










VAT calculation — deducting VAT from gross amount.

Here are some examples of the standard VAT rate and reduced VAT rate deducted from the total price.

Gross amount20% VAT5% VAT










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