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PayPal Fees Calculator in the United States

PayPal merchant fees are confusing. Use this simple calculator to find out how much PayPal will charge you, wherever your customers are.

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As well as merchant fees, you’ll also face PayPal charges if you receive payments from a different country or currency. PayPal adds a markup to the exchange rate used to convert your money back to dollars which might mean you get less than you expect when you withdraw your PayPal balance.

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Standard rate for receiving domestic transactions with PayPal

PayPal US fees vary depending on whether the payment is considered domestic or international, as well as whether the transaction happens online or in your physical store. Also, the PayPal fees will differ for in-store transactions or if you are a charity.

Domestic payments: a fee of 2.99% of the transaction amount without a fixed fee.

International payments: a fee of 4.49% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee based on the currency. It included a 1.5% international transaction fee.

*Note: The rate for PayPal goods and services fee are updated according to the policy dated July 28 2022. For more details with the payment type and fee charges, please visit the official website.

Payment typePayPal fee

Send/Receive Money for Goods and Services

2.99% (no fixed fee)

Invoicing fee

3.49% + fixed fee

Standard Credit and Debit Card Payments

2.99% + fixed fee

Pay with Venmo

3.49% + fixed fee

All Other Commercial Transactions

3.49% + fixed fee

PayPal’s Fixed fee based on received currency

CurrencyFixed fee

Australian dollar

0.59 AUD

Brazilian real

2.90 BRL

Canadian dollar

0.59 CAD

Czech koruna

9.00 CZK

Danish krone

2.90 DKK


0.39 EUR

Hong Kong dollar

3.79 HKD

Hungarian forint

149.00 HUF

Israeli new shekel

1.60 ILS

Japanese yen

49.00 JPY

Malaysian ringgit

2.00 MYR

Mexican peso

9.00 MXN

New Taiwan dollar

14.00 TWD

New Zealand dollar

0.69 NZD

Norwegian krone

3.90 NOK

Philippine peso

25.00 PHP

Polish zloty

1.89 PLN

Russian ruble

39.00 RUB

Singapore dollar

0.69 SGD

Swedish krona

4.09 SEK

Swiss franc

0.49 CHF

Thai baht

15.00 THB

UK pounds sterling

0.39 GBP

US dollar

0.49 USD

PayPal currency conversion fee

If you’re selling to customers based abroad and receive a payment in a currency different to the default currency of your PayPal merchant account, you'll have to pay the currency conversion fee.

Transaction such that the recipients receive a different currency from the currency in which the sender pay involving the following types of transaction is 4% of the transaction value:

  • Paying for goods or services
  • Sending money to friend or family
  • Sending money using PayPal Payout

For other transactions to convert your money back to dollars is 3.0% of the transaction value.

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List of Paypal merchant fees

That's not all. There may be other business fees if you use PayPal to collect payments from your customers, such as:

  • Transferring balance from Business Accounts to your linked bank account is free and are usually completed on the next day. You can choose an 'Instant transfer' to an eligible linked bank account or a debit card that is usually realised within few minutes. The fee for an instant transfer is 1% of the amount transferred, up to $10.

  • Chargeback Fee if your buyer requests a chargeback. If you’re covered by Seller Protection, PayPal will cover the costs of both the chargeback and the settlement fee.

  • Card Verification Transactions: used to verify that a cardholder’s account is in good standing without processing a purchase transaction: $0.30 per submission.

  • American Express® Card usage fee 3.5% per transaction

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal Rates for integrated online and in person payments

  • Mass Payments used to organise and mail payments to many people at once

  • Micropayments for eligible businesses processing payments under $10

Note: With effective from July 28, 2022: U.S. business accounts will not be able to receive personal transactions from U.S. PayPal accounts vice versa U.S. PayPal accounts will not be able to send personal transactions to U.S. business accounts.

PayPal fees FAQs.

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