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Business proposal template

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Create a business proposal.

Download and complete our free business proposal template to create sleek, professional proposals for new clients. Showcase your skills, stay on brand, and stand out from the crowd with our customizable business proposal sample.

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Boost your chances of success, whether you’re pitching a formally requested proposal, creating a supplemental business proposal, or contacting new clients with a speculative approach. Use our template to give clients all the information they need to choose you.

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Get a business proposal template.

Writing a business proposal takes time - and as a freelancer or business owner, time is at a premium. Give yourself a headstart when you’re responding to requests for proposals (RFPs) or submitting unsolicited proposals, with our free downloadable templates.

Using a template will help you quickly create a document which uses the best possible business proposal format, every time.

Find our what the sections every good proposal should include are.

Download a simple business proposal template.

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Proposal templates.

Choose, create and customize your perfect business proposal, bid proposal or project proposal with our free templates.

Quickly create professional proposal documents which cover your project’s objectives, scope, milestones and budget - and grab your client’s attention immediately.

Find the proposal template that you need to boost your sales from the table on the right.

What is a business proposal?

A business proposal - which may also be called a bid or a pitch - is used to persuade an organization to buy a product or service.

Maybe the organization is actively seeking proposals for a job they know they want doing - in this case, you’re preparing a solicited proposal. Or maybe you’re pitching a suggestion to carry out work the company has not yet commissioned. This is known as an unsolicited proposal.

Whether it’s solicited or unsolicited, your business proposal must show how you can offer a unique solution to the client’s problem. Great business proposal examples include details about goals, timelines, deliverables, and budget, to allow the client to thoroughly evaluate the idea.

What is a business proposal

Business proposal types.

There are several different types of business proposals you may create:
  • Formally solicited
  • Informally solicited
  • Unsolicited
  • Continuation
  • Renewal
  • Supplemental

A formally or informally solicited proposal is one which has - one way or another - been requested in advance by the client.

An unsolicited proposal on the other hand may be appropriate if you’ve spotted an opportunity the client may not already know about. In this case, you’re connecting to sell an idea which can benefit the business.

Once you’re already working with a client you may need to create a continuation or renewal business proposal, to update the terms of an agreement or extend an existing collaboration.

If you’re taking on extra work for an existing client, a supplementary business proposal may be required to formalize your agreement and scope everything out.

What is the business proposal format?

Your business proposal will be unique and the best format will depend on the project and the client. However, there are a few basic things you’ll usually find in a good business proposal example:

  • Cover page or title page
  • Introduction or cover letter
  • Company overview and contact information
  • Executive summary
  • Project overview
  • Scope of work documentation
  • Terms of the agreement
  • Signature field

You’ll likely find that there is some content that you’ll want to include in every business proposal - but do take the time to tailor each document to the client and the project in hand for the best results.


Business proposal FAQ.

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