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Produce professional consulting proposals - and win new clients - with our free proposal templates. Then cut the costs of getting paid from abroad with the Wise multi-currency business account.

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Create a consulting proposal.

Download the free consulting proposal template that suits your business type, to create a consulting proposal that reflects your brand and catches the customer’s eye.

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Complete and customize the simple consulting proposal template to give prospective clients all the details they need to hire you for the job.

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Simple consulting proposal template.

If you’re taking a project as an expert consultant you need this consulting proposal template. It’s a great way to scope out and agree the work you’re doing. Getting the details agreed upfront improves client satisfaction and makes your life easier - grab the consulting template today and get to work.

A smart consulting proposal template makes it easier to write a stand-out proposal. Add and edit information as you customize your document, using the outline provided in the template, to cover everything your client needs to know.

Choose a business consulting proposal sample PDF or download a consulting proposal template Word document - customize the template according to your business needs.

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Download a consulting proposal template in PDF.

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Proposal templates.

Choose, create and customize your perfect business proposal, bid proposal or project proposal with our free templates.

Quickly create professional proposal documents which cover your project’s objectives, scope, milestones and budget - and grab your client’s attention immediately.

Find the proposal template that you need to boost your sales from the table on the right.

8 tips for writing a consulting proposal.

Ready to get started with your consulting proposal? Read these last few tips to make sure you get it right first time:

  1. Short and simple wins the day. Include all the detail your client needs - but nothing more. Your aim is to grab their attention.
  2. Use your proposal to explain the impact your project will have. Even if you have to estimate and use assumptions, show the client what they stand to gain.
  3. Summarise your understanding of the client’s pain point - and expand as much as necessary about how you’ll solve their problem.
  4. If your proposal is getting unwieldy, use an appendix for additional documents to avoid clutter.
  5. Dive into the detail about the budget for the project. Setting out costs - and how the money will be used - upfront helps the client make a decision.
  6. Use the opportunity to set out milestones, deadlines, and measures of success. What will your client see in terms of results - and when.
  7. Customize every proposal you make - the client will know if you’re using too much boilerplate.
  8. Use a digital signature to speed up the process after acceptance - and make it easier for the client to pay in their home currency using the Wise Business account. Learn more about the Wise Business account
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