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Rent receipt template

Get our free printable rent receipt template to track your rental payments. And make life even easier by getting your rent paid directly into your Wise account.
receipt template

Printable rent receipt template.

Rental receipts are used to confirm that a rent payment was received. Both the landlord and the tenant can use rental receipts to track payments, reducing the risk of misunderstandings. In fact, depending on where you live issuing rent payment receipts may even be mandatory.

Issuing a smart and simple rental receipt is good business practice - and it’s easy with our free rent receipt example.

Download your rent receipt template in Word →

Download a rent receipt template.

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How does a rent receipt work?

Receive rent payment

Receive rental payment

Once the tenant has paid their rent, it’s time for the landlord to issue a rental receipt using our simple printable renters receipt template. Add the payment details following the simple template format to complete the receipt.

Sign rent receipt

Sign the rental receipt

Once the rental receipt is complete, you can print and sign it to confirm receipt of payment. Hand or mail it to the tenant for their records. Or, if you and the tenant both agree, you can email a digital copy to the tenant instead.

retain receipt

Retain the receipt

Both the landlord and the tenant should retain a digital or physical copy of the receipt. This helps you keep better records, manage your accounts, and track payments in the event of a dispute.

How do I create a rent receipt?

Make simple, professional rent receipts with our free rental receipt template. Using a template makes it easy to capture all the information required - including:

  • Property address
  • The date the payment was received
  • Receipt number
  • Tenant’s full name
  • The amount paid and the payment method
  • The name of the person receiving the payment
  • Signature for verification purposes

You may also choose to capture other details, like whether the payment includes pet rent or any deposit.

create rent receipt

Rent receipts for electronic payments.

Allowing your tenants to pay you online is more convenient for both them and you. Online payments
are faster than checks, more secure than cash and often completely free. If you’re moving to online
and digital rental payments you’ll still want to issue a professional rental receipt. But instead of printing
and mailing it to your tenant you can simply email an electronic receipt for ease.

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How to write a rent receipt?

Rent receipts may be required by the city or state.
State or city laws might mandate rental receipts for all rental payments, for cash rental payments, or only when a tenant requests a receipt.
Rental receipts offer a paper trail for cash payments.
Use a rent receipt to acknowledge and track cash payments where no digital record exists. Or move to online payment into your Wise account to streamline and speed up your payment processes.
Rent receipts simplify record keeping.
Landlords can use rent receipts to track and chase payments, while tenants can use a rental receipt to keep track of their outgoings.
Rental receipts minimize disputes.
Having a paper trail reduces the chance of misunderstandings or conflict over what was paid, and when.

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