How to Advertise your Business

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For entrepreneurs, the ways to advertise and promote businesses have dramatically changed in the past few years. Digital ad spending, for instance, has taken the concept of advertising to a whole new level.

With international businesses focusing on innovative ways to promote their businesses, it is essential to know your industry to grab the attention of your customers. Interestingly, there are tons of options to promote your business by capitalizing on the growing trends.

So what are the right ways to put your offer in front of your target audience?

The article, in this regard, outlines some of the incredibly simple yet effective ways to advertise and promote your business.

Let’s get started!

What are the Ways to Advertise My Business?

Invest in Search Ads

Google is undeniably one of the most important advertising machines. It might give you relevant information (Gmail, Google Docs Calendars.), but it provides all the helpful tools to make sure people can see their ads.

Did you know 85 percent of Google’s revenue are generated from the Ads platform?¹ And the feature that makes pay per click ads tremendously advantageous is the fact that businesses have to pay for only what their consumers click on. This ability of Google ads to test, target the specific markets, and run niche promotions is an excellent way to maximize the buyers’ interest.

However, it is essential to be extremely relevant in high competition among the companies due to easy access. You may see many advertisers competing for retaining the top position.

Leverage Social Media Ads

Let’s admit, advertising serves as a financial engine that can drive social media. Whether it is a professional platform like LinkedIn or personal platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can see paid ads everywhere.

People are now used to seeing ads on their social media feed. That means leveraging this platform to reach your target market is, without a doubt, a great idea to promote your business. Unlike Google ads, it has lower cost and high volume. If you’re on a budget, you could try Facebook advertising as they allow you to have control of how much you spend on ads.²

3. Set up a Business account on Google

As mentioned before, Google is much more than just a search engine. It can serve you as a small business directory so that you can take advantage of the tool it has. You can set up a “My Business Account” on Google to list your business on Google maps. It will also improve your SEO to help your people find your business easily. Also, customers can add reviews that help Google show your business in the “3-Pack” to advertise your brand at no cost.

4. Try Email Marketing

Keep in mind that sending emails to prospects is a viable option, depending on your niche. It is especially true when you include it as a part of your broader advertising strategy. Email campaigns help many brands keep their services and products top of mind for their customers. It requires a simple set up and grows its reach on customers over time.

Insert Call to Action in Your Email Signature

Did you know an average office employee sends 122 emails a day?

For a company with ten to fifteen employees, it can add up to around 600 to 700 outgoing emails. These emails make a fantastic promotion opportunity. However, if you’re not incorporating traditional email signatures, there is a slim chance that anyone will take notice of your website or employee job title.

In fact, nobody will care about the quote you have given. Call to action (CTA) can help you make your emails stand out among the hundreds of emails your consumers read a day. It is not only the marketing tool but also a dynamic way to introduce your products to potential customers.

5. Benefit from Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another great way to help you promote your brand. Many big brands use it to offer sales incentives and grow brand reach. A recent study from SproutSocial has shown that you can use an influencer for advertising your brand in just $271 per post.³ The distinctive feature of this advertising strategy is its ability to build brand credibility by accessing niche markets.

6. Video Advertising

Launched in 2005, YouTube is the biggest video platform, with more than 80 percent viewers watching it daily. In other words, the video platform has become a great platform to advertise your business. Your business can gain higher customer engagement, educate, promote, and connect with their existing customers. Best of all, the features are the cost of video making, which is considerably low.

Can I Advertise Internationally?
International marketing is essential for rapid industrial growth. If your business aims to increase visibility, profits, and long term success, global advertising can bring that. Remember that your potential customer market is huge, and you need a sound global branding to enjoy a competitive edge. The options mentioned above are excellent for reaching the international market.

A Cost-effective Way to Pay for Ads

If you advertise internationally, you’re most likely to deal with payments in different currencies and have to convert between them from time to time. This is where you could employ a reliable and cost effective partner to take care of your currency exchanges. One very obvious detail that you need to consider when looking for a partner is the exchange rate. A lot of companies set their own exchange rates to cover the conversion cost and/or earn profit from the transaction which often means 3 - 6% additional cost to you.

The good news is that there are services like Wise that offer real exchange rates with no mark-up for a small and transparent fee that is up to 14x cheaper than PayPal.

Here are some benefits you can advantage of using Wise Business:

  1. Instant transfer to most currencies
  2. Batch Payment of up to 1000 recipients all at the real exchange rate perfect for paying suppliers and contractors abroad.
  3. Multi-currency account that allows you to receive payments in EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, HUF and GBP for free.
  4. Multi-currency debit card for faster international payments with no exchange rate mark-up.
  5. Seamless integration with Quickbooks and Xero to ease tax reconciliation.

With these benefits, you could save 3 - 4% on conversion charges alone which means more profit for your business.

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