Layover hotels in Malaga airport – costs, cheaper alternatives, and what to do at the airport

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If your trip involves a long layover at Malaga airport in Spain, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay.

To help you get some rest before your onward flight, we’ve put together a handy guide covering the hotel options in or near Malaga airport. This includes hotels right next to the airport, some slightly further away, and a few options in Malaga city centre too.

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Hotels in Malaga airport

There aren’t any hotels within Malaga airport itself, but there are a couple of options very close by. The closest is the Holiday Inn Express Malaga Airport, which is around 1km away¹.

Holiday Inn Express Malaga AirportFrom £97 a night²122 rooms³- Restaurant

- Bar/lounge

- Free breakfast

- 24hr reception

- Meeting rooms

Hotel Restaurant Campanile Malaga AirportFrom £77 a night⁴114 rooms⁵- Restaurant/bar

- Wi-Fi

- Meeting rooms

- Free parking

Cheap hotels near Malaga airport

If you don’t need to stay very close to the airport, there are lots of other hotels nearby. Some could even save you money.

A couple of options are the Ibis Budget Malaga Aeropuerto Avenida Velazquez and the Hilton Garden Inn Malaga.

Both are conveniently located between the airport (which is around 15 minutes drive away) and Malaga city centre. Neither has an airport shuttle service, though, so you’ll need to make your own travel arrangements.

A taxi there will cost around £23 to £28 each way⁶, but you can also get a bus. The Line A bus goes almost right past both hotels, and a round trip ticket costs €4.00/£3.37* a person⁷.

Ibis Budget Malaga Aeropuerto Avenida Velazquez

This 2-star Ibis Budget Malaga hotel offers simple accommodation just 5 minutes from both Los Álamos and Misericordia beaches. It’s tailor-made for layovers, with a 24-hour snack menu and express breakfast buffet.

The hotel also has auto-wash & drying machines available 24 hours, just in case you need to get some laundry done. Other facilities include a bar, meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, a car park and air conditioning. A stay in a double or twin room costs just under £80 a night⁸.

Hilton Garden Inn Malaga

The Hilton Garden Inn Malaga is conveniently located near the airport, beaches and local restaurants, as well as the Puerta Blanca metro station. You can be at the airport in 15 minutes, and Malaga old town in 20 minutes.

The hotel has a restaurant and bar serving all day, a fitness centre and outdoor pool. There’s free Wi-Fi, meeting/business facilities and evening room service. A stay in a king room costs from £115 a night⁹.

Cheap accommodation options in Malaga

Like to see some of Malaga during your trip? If you’ve built some time into your itinerary to spend a night or two in the city centre, here’s where to stay. We’ve included hostels for travellers on a budget, as well as private Airbnb accommodation.

Motels and hostels in Malaga

  • Chinitas Urban Hostel - located in Malaga’s historic centre, this hostel is just metres from the famous Marques de Larios Street and Plaza de la Constitution. It has a 24-hour reception, baggage storage and a terrace coffee bar with Cathedral views. Stay in a private room with shared bathroom from £78 a night, or in a 4 Bed Mixed Dorm for £30 a night¹⁰.

  • The Urban Jungle Rooftop Hostel - located in the city centre just minutes walk from the Picasso Museum and Alcazaba, the hostel offers accommodation in shared or private rooms. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, rooftop terrace and superfast Wi-Fi. Stays start from around £27 for a bed in a Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm, or £83 for a private double room with ensuite bathroom¹¹.

Airbnb options around Malaga

  • Central and beautiful blue Loft Malaga - a studio apartment in the centre of Malaga’s downtown region. The accommodation offers a kitchen, dining room, air conditioning, internet and self check-in. Plus, a community terrace with great views. Stays start from £83 a night, including fees¹².

  • Apartamento Urbano con Balcón en Centro Histórico - a spacious one bedroom loft apartment in Malaga city centre, just minutes from major monuments and museums. The flat has a balcony, kitchen, TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and a sofa bed for extra guests. Stays start from £119 including fees¹³.

Staying at Malaga airport

Only have a short layover? If you’re planning to stay within the airport itself, we’ve put together some of the essential info you need. This includes shops, restaurants and lounges, Malaga airport contact options, and other details.

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What can I do in the airport during my layover?

  • Duty free. The main Malaga airport duty-free shop is on floor 1 in Departures. It offers a wide selection of fragrances, cosmetics, glasses, watches, drinks, food and tobacco.¹⁴

  • Shops. The long list of Malaga airport shops includes Superdry, Sunglass Hut, Victoria’s Secret, The Fashion Gallery and a choice of pharmacies and tobacconists.¹⁵

  • Lounges/VIP areas. The Malaga airport lounge is located in the boarding area, on the 2nd floor of the terminal. It’s a VIP lounge offering comfortable seating, catering, Wi-Fi, TV, a reception service and meeting facilities. A pass for a maximum 4-hour stay is €37.75 (or around £31.57*) per adult¹⁶.

  • Restaurants/cafés. There are some great choices to grab some food while you wait for your flight. Take your pick from Burger King, Dehesa Santa María, Jamie’s Deli, Giraffe World Kitchen, Olé Food Market and MasQMenos.¹⁷

  • Bars/Pubs. Want to hang out at a bar while on your layover? Try BiBO Flamenco Bar & Tapas, or get a drink at one of the restaurants mentioned above.¹⁷

Can I leave Malaga airport during a layover?

UK citizens don’t need a visa to enter Spain for periods of up to 90 days¹⁸, so you’re fine to leave the airport in Malaga during a layover.

Bear in mind though that you’ll have to go through security again, and may also need to comply with Covid-19 and other requirements. Find out more on the UK Government’s foreign travel advice page for Spain.

Can I stay at Malaga airport overnight?

You may be able to stay at the airport overnight, but you may not be able to get a very comfortable or uninterrupted sleep. It’s likely that you’ll need to stay landside, even if you’re already airside¹⁹.

Can I shower in Malaga airport?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any shower facilities available in Malaga airport.

Does Malaga airport have sleeping pods, and how much do they cost?

There aren’t any sleeping pods or dedicated rest areas within the airport. You may be able to get some rest if you buy a pass to a VIP lounge, but bear in mind that most have a maximum stay of 3-4 hours¹⁶. So, you may be best staying at a nearby hotel if you want to get some uninterrupted sleep.

Contact options and a phone number for Malaga airport

Need to get in touch with the airport? Here’s the Malaga airport contact number, along with other contact details you need to know:

Hopefully, you have all the information you need by now about lodging options around Malaga airport. There are many nearby hotels, hostels and other accommodation in Malaga, so you’ll have plenty of choice. Whether you choose an overnight stay or to chill out in the airport instead, have a great onward journey!

*1 EUR = 0.8429 GBP (16-08-2022)

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