Newcastle airport parking: long stay, short stay, cheap, and free parking options

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Have a holiday booked and flying from Newcastle airport? If you’re planning to get there by car, you’ll need to know about parking options.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Newcastle airport parking. This includes long and short stay options, shuttle transfers, security and charges.

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Long stay parking zones in Newcastle airport

If you’d like to leave your car in a secure and official airport car park for the duration of your trip, here are your options.

Long Stay Parking

Newcastle airport’s Long Stay Parking zone is just a short walk from the main terminal building. It offers CCTV, security fencing and is manned 24/7. There is also disabled parking available.¹

Here are the prices to turn up and park on the day:¹

Duration at Long Stay ParkingPrice
15 mins£4
30 mins£6
45 mins£10
1 hour£10
2 hours£14
3 hours£17
4 hours£20
24 hours£29
2 days£50
3 days£62
4 days£74
Per day after£12

However, it’s potentially up to 60% cheaper if you pre-book your parking space.¹

Premium Fast Track Parking

Premium Fast Track Parking is the closest parking zone to the terminal, located just 30 metres from the check-in desks via a covered walkway. It offers extra wide spaces and has ANPR cameras for extra security.²

It’s usually cheaper if you pre-book your space, but here are the prices to turn up on the day:²

Duration at Premium Fast TrackCost
1 day£37
2 days£72
3 days£107
4 days£142
Per day after£35

Premium Meet & Greet Parking

For even more convenience, you can take advantage of Newcastle airport’s valet parking service.

Premium Meet & Greet Parking is one of the closest car parks to the terminal, and it’s just a 1-minute walk to the check in desks.³ You simply need to turn up, check in and your car will be securely stored in an official airport car park ready for your return.

You’ll need to pre-book this service, with prices around £85 for a week.⁴

Short stay parking in Newcastle airport

Newcastle airport has short stay parking available in a couple of different zones, along with a dedicated area for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Short Stay 1

Located right outside the main entrance of the terminal building, Short Stay 1 offers convenient and secure parking ideal for shorter trips.⁵

It could potentially be cheaper if you book in advance, but here are the on the day prices:⁵

Duration at Short Stay 1Cost
15 mins£7
30 mins£9
1 hour£14
2 hours£17
3 hours£20
4 hours£22
1 day£32
2 days£62
3 days£92
4 days£122
Per day after£30

Short Stay 2

The airport’s second short stay car park is a short walk from the terminal. It’s secure and convenient, using ANPR number plate recognition cameras to enable easy entry and exit. There’s even a free 15-minute parking period, ideal if you’re dropping off or picking up passengers.⁶

You’ll save up to 60% on stays of a day or more if you book in advance, but here are prices to just turn up and park:⁶

Duration at Short Stay 2Cost
15 minsFree
30 mins£8
1 hour£12
2 hours£14
3 hours£17
4 hours£20
24 hours£29
2 days£56
Per day after£27

Express Car Park

Lastly, there’s the Express Car Park at Newcastle airport. This is specifically designed for collecting and dropping off passengers. It’s located immediately outside the terminal, with prices starting from £4 for up to 10 minutes:⁷

Duration at Express Car ParkCost
0 - 10 mins£4
10 - 30 mins£6
30 - 45 mins£9
45 - 60 mins£10
Per hour after£10

Cheap parking options near Newcastle airport

There aren’t many other options for cheap parking near Newcastle airport, as the popular Park & Fly Newcastle service isn’t currently available. However, there are a handful of options at JustPark, including.⁸

  • Meadowfield Industrial Estate, which has CCTV and costs around £52 for a week. However, you’ll need to organise your own transport to the airport.
  • Prestwick Road Ends car park, which has CCTV, lighting and an electric charging point. It costs around £48 for the week. It’s closer to the airport, but you’ll still need to sort out your own transfer.

Free parking spots near Newcastle airport

Free parking near Newcastle airport can be difficult to find. However, there are some limited options for free parking (including overnight) in Newcastle city centre, with easy public transport connections to the airport. For example:⁹

  • Eldon Garden Car Park
  • Grainger Town Car Park
  • Archibald Street
  • Castle Farm Road
  • Dean Street
  • Summerhill Grove
  • Croydon Road.

It’s probably only best for short trips, though, and you’ll need to make sure you’re not inconveniencing local residents.

And that’s pretty much it - everything you need to know about Newcastle airport parking. We’ve covered long stay, short stay, pick up and drop off, along with cheap and free options outside the airport’s official parking zones.

And of course, all the Newcastle airport parking charges you need to know about, so you can compare prices and get the best deal.

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