Glasgow airport parking: long stay, short stay, cheap, and free parking options

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Flying from Glasgow airport soon? One of the first things you’ll need to plan is how to get to the airport.

If you’re thinking of driving, read on - as we’ve put together a handy guide to Glasgow airport parking options. This includes long and short stay car parks, amenities, parking charges and much more.

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Long stay parking zones in Glasgow airport

If you’d like to leave your car at the airport for the duration of your holiday, you’ll want a long stay car park. Let’s run through your options at Glasgow airport.

Long Stay Parking

The Glasgow airport parking long stay zone is around 5-10 minutes from the terminal by free shuttle bus.¹ Offering 24/7 security, monitored by CCTV and security patrols, this car park is ideal for longer trips of a week or two.

Pre-booking is recommended for the best price and to guarantee a parking space. Prices are around £45 for a week-long stay.² Bookings are flexible, so can be amended or cancelled online.

Valet Parking

If you’re looking for more of a premium service, you’ll want to check out Glasgow Airport Valet Parking. This is designed for people who’ll be away for 7 days or more.

You simply need to drive up, leave your keys and a valet driver will park it for you in a fully secure and monitored car park.³ The walk to the terminal is just 2-3 minutes, under a dedicated walkway.

You’ll need to get a tailored quote for your chosen dates, but prices start from £55.99 for a minimum of 7-day stay.³

Fast Track Parking

For maximum convenience for short-medium trips, there’s Fast Track Parking at Glasgow airport. You’ll find it in car park 2, one of the closest to the terminal. In fact, you’ll be parked on a dedicated secure floor with premium covered access directly into the terminal - it’s less than 100 steps to the security hall.⁴

Of course, this premium service comes at a slightly higher cost. Here are the Glasgow airport parking charges for Fast Track:⁴

Duration at Fast Track ParkingPrice
Up to 24 hours£45
Up to 2 days£85
Up to 4 days£140
Each additional day£30

If you book in advance, you could potentially save up to 60% on the prices above.⁴

Short stay parking in Glasgow airport

For shorter trips and dropping off/collecting passengers, there are a couple of Glasgow airport short stay parking options available.

Short Stay Car Park

Ideal for long weekends and business trips, the Short Stay Car Park is located just opposite the terminal building. It’s covered, has 24/7 security and is just 2 minutes walk to the check-in desks.⁵

Here’s what it costs to park on the day, although you can save money on longer trips if you pre-book:⁵

Duration at Short StayPrice
Up to 30 mins£5
Up to 60 mins£7
Up to 90 mins£11
Up to 2 hours£12.50
Up to 3 hours£15
Up to 4 hours£21
Up to 24 hours£38
Each additional day£26

Express Pick Up and Drop Off

Just dropping off or collecting someone from the airport? Your best option is the Express Pick Up and Drop Off zones, designed for stays of 10 minutes or less. You’ll find these areas right outside the main terminal building in car park 2.⁶

It costs £4 for up to 10 minutes, although it’s free if you pre-register an electric vehicle.⁶ If you need to stay longer, you’ll need to go to the short stay car park.

Cheap parking options near Glasgow airport

You can potentially save money on your airport parking by heading further afield, then hopping on a shuttle bus to the terminal. Here are a couple of options for cheap parking near Glasgow airport:

  • Skyport Glasgow - an award-winning, secure car park just 5 minutes from the airport by free bus transfer. Stays at Skyport are around £40 for a week.⁷
  • Glasgow Parksafe - located 3 miles from the airport, with free transfers of just 6 minutes,⁸ this car park offers secure parking at around £40 for a week.⁹

Free parking spots near Glasgow airport

Glasgow airport free parking options can be tricky to find. However, one tip is to park on Brownsfield Crescent in Inchinnan, an industrial estate with a regular and short bus connection to the airport.¹⁰ For security reasons, though, this isn’t recommended for longer trips.

After reading this guide, you should be all clued-up on the many parking options available at or near Glasgow airport. You can pre-book to save money, or turn up on the day if you need to keep things flexible.

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