Wise Business now syncs with FreeAgent

Business Team
1 minute read

Another day, another accounting tool synced with Wise. FreeAgent has joined the ranks of accounting tools you can now sync with your Wise Business account — along with QuickBooks and Xero.

And we’re pretty excited about this one. Because partnering up with FreeAgent means that Wise Business just got that bit more convenient for accountants and small businesses.

Oh and a lot of you asked for it — so it’s always nice to make it happen.

Connect to FreeAgent to automate your workflows

Control which currency accounts you sync

Keep track of your international transactions in multiple currencies. And enable or disable sync of any FreeAgent bank accounts whenever you want.

Handle your accounting instantly

No need to manually export or upload your balance statements. They’ll sync with FreeAgent automatically.

How to get started

Connecting your currency balances to FreeAgent should only take a minute.

  • Log in to your account, or sign up for free.
  • Head to your Balances
  • Click Connect to accounting
  • Select FreeAgent and follow the steps to sync your balances

That’s it! All your transactions will be synced automatically to FreeAgent.

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