Wise Affiliate Program – Your Onboarding Guide

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Welcome to the Wise Affiliate Program! In this guide you will find all the information you need to get started, optimize and succeed as a Wise affiliate partner. Simply follow the links below to explore each part of the guide.

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We have an expert affiliate team who will always be there to support you, just drop us a line at partnerwise@wise.com whenever you have questions. Now let’s get started!

Getting your tracking link

To track all the new customer referrals you send to Wise, it’s important that you use your affiliate link. Without implementing your affiliate link, we will not be able to track the user referrals you drive to us and as a result you will miss out on referral commission.

Your standard affiliate link automatically directs all customers to our main Wise homepage – https://wise.com

Follow these steps to get your link:

  1. Log into your Partnerize account
  2. Go to ‘Tracking’ tab in navigation
  3. Select Wise as the campaign you wish to link to
  4. Copy the link either in the ‘tracking link’ section on the right hand side OR generate a shortened tracking link – we recommend using the shortened tracking link. It’s just one universal link that lets you refer any type of user from any country in the world

Enhanced tracking tip: If you would like to add additional tracking parameters to your affiliate link, for example, to differentiate performance based on page placement or to create a unique identifier per user, you can use the additional tracking parameters in Partnerize.

– Adref & pubref are free fields that you can use on Partnerize for any custom additional tracking

– We strongly recommend creating a shortened link using the URL shortener by clicking ‘Generate and copy’ if you use additional tracking parameters

Creating deeplinks

If you’d like to promote a specific Wise product – you can deeplink to any landing page on wise.com. To create a deeplink, you just need to add the URL where you want to send traffic.

Some example landing pages you can link to:

Understanding tracking and commissions

Conversion window

We track each user that is referred to Wise if they click via your unique affiliate link. We pay commission out on any user who is:

– A new customer to Wise AND who makes a successful cross currency action
– You need to be the first introducer of Wise to the customer
– A cross currency action can be send money, balance conversion or conversion on debit card
– There is no conversion/cookie window limit. So if a customer visited Wise and did not convert until 9 months later, you would still be rewarded commission for that referral .

Commission rates

Our standard affiliate commission is a CPA (cost per acquisition) for any new paying customer you refer to Wise. They need to make a cross-currency transaction of any amount for you to receive commission.

Our CPA rates start at £10 for personal users and at £50 for business customers.

If you drive one paying customer a day you can earn up to £1,200 a month.

There is scope to review your commission rate once you hit conversion milestones or if you drive a high number of users who transact more than an average customer.

What do I receive commission for?

With your standard link you can receive commission if your referred customers use any of the below Wise products (more details on how this shows in Partnerize reporting later):

  1. Money transfers – you receive commission once the user sets up and funds an international bank to bank transfer

  2. Multi-currency account actions – if the user opens balances on the Wise account, you will receive a commission once they convert money between two currencies

  3. Debit card use – when a user tops up their multi-currency account in one currency and then pay with their debit card in another currency, an auto-conversion happens which we also count as a conversion and pay you commission for

  4. Business users – you receive a higher commission rate for both of the above actions, if you refer business customers to Wise

Getting paid

Adding a bank account

To get paid you need to add a bank account in Payment Settings on Partnerize. You can withdraw your commission into a bank account in the currency of your campaign (currently we offer payouts in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, and JPY).

If you do not have a bank account in any of the offered currencies, we suggest opening a Wise account (if you don’t already have one!), which offers local banking details to withdraw USD, GBP, EUR, and AUD. Just select an Electronic Funds Transfer as your payment method and your Wise account details and address.

This way you can save on currency conversion fees on Partnerize and avoid paying any additional charges associated with receiving into your PayPal account. This account can also help you save when working with any other affiliate platform.

Receiving commission payments

Follow the steps below to set up your commission payment payouts:

  1. In your Partnerize account, you will see a ‘pending’ commission amount based on the number of new customers you have referred to Wise
  2. We approve and deposit all of your commissions at the beginning of each month, so you receive a payment approximately every 30 days, normally by the 15th of each month
  3. Once the money is available, you can manually withdraw it into your bank account
  4. [Optional] If you have set up an auto-bill, it will automatically send money to your bank account once it hits a certain threshold
  5. Please note that payments are made by Partnerize. They do not come directly from Wise

Commission payouts may take up to 5 business days to arrive in your bank account. If it takes longer than that, please get in touch with Partnerize's support team at support@partnerize.com and they help you with it.

Analytics and reporting in Partnerize

Once you have fully set up on Partnerize and started promoting Wise, it’s time to track your campaign performance and use analytics to optimise it.

Analytics dashboards

When you go to ‘Analytics’ in your Partnerize account you will see a topline overview of your campaign.

Please note that the total number of conversions you see in your dashboards includes non-commissionable conversions (like account registrations) and paid-for conversions like money transfers and debit card uses.

See identification of the three different types of conversions you will receive commission for:
TRANSFER_PRODUCT_CROSS – international money transfer
BORDERLESS_CROSS – conversion between currencies on the user’s Wise account
CARD_CROSS – conversion when paying with the debit card

Detailed conversion reports

If you would like to see a full breakdown of your conversions, you can create a custom report using the filters in Analytics.

  1. Go to Analytics in your Partnerize account
  2. Select the date range you wish to look at in the filters on the left hand side. You can also select whether you want to see ‘click’ reporting or ‘conversion’ reporting

  1. Click on ‘Create’ option to the far left
  2. Select ‘Product category’ as a filter option. You can select which actions you wish to see. Then click apply and you will then be able to see a breakdown of performance by product category

To download a detailed conversion report called 'transaction report' in CSV format follow these steps:

  1. Go to Analytics in your Partnerize account
  2. Navigate to ‘Transaction report’ in the top left
  3. Select the time period you’d like to see the conversions for
  4. Select whether you want to see ‘Clicks’ or ‘Conversions’
  5. Click the blue ‘Download’ button and select to download an Items report

⏳ Note on timing – Please note that it can take between 48-74 hours for conversions to show up in your reports. For example, if you check your reports on 5th March, you will only be able to see conversions up to 3rd March. Clicks are updated and shown in real time.

Program rules and policies

We welcome all partners onto our program and you can use the Affiliate Terms & Conditions to guide your promotional activity.

You will find the full list of rules on our Partner Guidelines page, but here are some highlights:

  • We work with most partners, but have a few exceptions which include sub-affiliate networks and coupon/voucher code sites.
  • Partners can promote Wise to customers all over the world (please check our website to see which products are available in different countries)
  • Partners cannot bid on Wise brand terms or misspellings on paid search ads. You also cannot automatically redirect users from paid search activity straight through to Wise website. Customer must land on your affiliate site first before clicking through
  • We may, in certain circumstances, reverse commissions or earnings in accordance with our Affiliate Program Terms.
  • Check out the Wise Acceptable Use Policy to better understand what types of customers and business you can promote Wise to

Promote Wise

Wise is so much more than money transfers and we want to help our partners find the best ways to promote any relevant part of our product.

This is why we send quarterly newsletters and alert our partners whenever there are new product or currency launches. This often comes with useful material and commission increases so don’t forget to add our email partnerwise@wise.com to your contact to avoid missing out on updates.

How can I promote Wise?

According to our Affiliate Program Guidelines, you can promote Wise:

  • By writing articles about our products and/or including Wise in your other articles, YouTube videos, or on social media.
  • If you have a company, you can also recommend Wise to your customers and employees.
  • If you accept bank transfers as part of your payment flow – feel free to recommend your customers to use Wise to pay you so they save on international fees (include your partner link, so you get paid when they do that!).
  • As we have a one-year cookie window limit, once a user has clicked on your tracking link, you will receive commission whenever they convert during this period.

Wise Products you can promote

Check out our Resources Hub to find more about ways you can promote Wise, content briefs, widgets and more.**

Our main products include:

International account with over 50 currencies to hold, spend and receive money (includes direct debit functionality)
International money transfers that always use the mid-market exchange rate and are up to 7 times cheaper than traditional banks or PayPal
Debit card – to spend money all over the world (when travelling or online)
Wise Business – the international account that helps companies save on foreign transactions and make it easy to streamline business processes – with accounting software integrations, batch payments and API
High-amount transfers – get a discounted rate and additional support when sending large sums of money abroad

Use your universal affiliate link to promote any of the Wise products!

Optimise and grow your campaigns

Know how to target the right customer – Wise is a product that can be used by a wide variety of people, starting with expats sending money to their family to freelancers and businesses working with international clients.

We have outlined the main types of customers who use the Wise account and how you can target them in this directory.

We have also put together a handy guide on how to write a review article about Wise.

Widgets and API

As you know, Wise is an account that helps customers save on sending, receiving and spending money internationally. We know how important it is for our partners and customers to have access to up-to-date data about exchange rates, fees and delivery times before they make transactions.

This is why Wise is making our unique widgets and API available to all affiliate partners.

Calculator widgetAn interactive calculator that allows you to select an amount and currency route for your intended transfer and shows real-time exchange rate, and a Wise transfer quoteImplementation guide
Comparison widgetA powerful table that compares exchange rates, fees and speed of various money transfer providers, with selectors for the route and amount.Implementation guide
Rates and fees APIsWith our powerful API you can enrich your site or internal tools with access to live and historic exchange rates, transfer fees and speed.Google Form to request access

Here is how a simple version of our calculator widget can look like on your website:

You can use your partner tracking link with each widget to make sure you get affiliate commission for each new customer you refer to Wise.

As always, get in touch with our team if you have any questions – partnerwise@wise.com.

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