Webexpenses: an Overview for UK Businesses

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If managing corporate expenses has turned into a real headache, it could be time to look for a more efficient way of doing things. Signing up for an Expense management software could be the ideal solution.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Webexpenses for UK businesses. This includes all the main benefits, features, pricing info and integrations for its popular expenses software. Webexpenses is a Wise Platform partner, meaning that Webexpenses Payments are now Powered by Wise.

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What is Webexpenses?

Webexpenses is a Software as a service (SaaS) company based in the UK, but which also operates in the US and Australia. The company has a range of products to help businesses manage expenses, corporate travel and invoice processing. It has around 300,000 customers¹ worldwide.

Webexpenses Expense Management software is a cloud-based online platform and app. It’s designed to help simplify expense tracking and reporting, for both business owners and employees.


Expenses management software main benefits

There are lots of reasons to use expenses software, starting with the time saved on manual entry and admin. It turns the expensing process more digital and automated, using mobile or web applications to capture and submit expenses claims.

Having a expenses management software in hand makes it quicker and easier for employees to submit claims, and for managers to approve them. Plus, it reduces the risk of human error.

This type of software also gives businesses accurate data on spending, so you can keep full control of cash flow. Many tools can provide custom reporting, automatic compliance and many other useful features.

How much does Webexpenses cost?

Webexpenses doesn’t have detailed information of its pricing structure available. This is because costs can vary based on factors like business size, number of users and bundled features.

You’ll need to contact Webexpenses to get a custom quote for your organisation.

Webexpenses features

Here’s what’s on offer with Webexpenses²:

  • Integration with finance and accounting systems
  • High-level encryption and protection for sensitive information via Amazon Web Services.
  • Access to the Webexpenses app for easy receipt capture.
  • Mileage tracking tools.
  • Automated policy compliance, including alerts for out-of-policy claims.
  • Corporate card and intelligent receipt matching.
  • Automated petty cash management processes.
  • Carbon emissions tracking for travel-related expenses - to help businesses improve their carbon footprint.
  • Agile software updates.
  • 24 hour customer support.

Webexpenses app


One of the most convenient features of Webexpenses is the handy mobile app.

This allows your employees to snap and upload photos of their receipts on the move, using a receipt scanner powered by Google Vision Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Expense claims can be submitted in seconds².

For business owners and managers, it’s possible to access, review and approve team expenses from anywhere in the world - all in the user-friendly Webexpenses app.

Webexpenses integrations

Webexpenses can be connected with a number of other business tools, systems and apps. This can help you bring everything together into one streamlined platform, from which you can manage cash flow easily.
Here are just a few examples of popular integrations with Webexpenses³:

Manage expenses with Wise Business

Of course, Webexpenses isn’t the only tool for expense management out there.

If you’re looking to simplify invoicing and expenses across international borders, and you want clear, upfront pricing - check out Wise Business.

The Wise Business multi-currency account makes it easy to manage business finances in 50+ currencies, and securely pay international invoices in bulk at a single click.

Wise Business Account
  • No monthly fees, just one-off fee upon registration;
  • Quick to open and fully online;
  • Send money for more than 80 countries;
  • Receive international payments;
  • You can hold and convert money in more than 50 currencies;
  • Manage employee with Wise Business Expense Cards;
  • And some more features to help you growth your business internationally.

For a tiny one-time fee, you can order Wise expense cards for every employee who needs one. No matter what currency they spend in or you reimburse in, you’ll always get the mid-market exchange rate. This saves your business money, as well as valuable time.

Get started with Wise Business

After reading this guide, you should have all the details you need to assess whether Webexpenses is the right fit for your business.

We’ve run through all the key benefits, features and integrations, but you will need to contact the company to get an accurate idea of pricing.

It may also be a good idea to check out some Webexpenses reviews, to see what other business owners think of the service.

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