Introducing employee expenses cards

Anna Allgaier

We’re about to take the “petty” out of petty cash. Say goodbye to fighting over the company card and counting up pennies to bring back to your boss after lunch’s client meeting. R.I.P, you shall not be missed.

Our team is always working away behind the scenes to tailor our Wise Business account to suit your needs, which is why we're now introducing employee expenses cards. Here’s an overview of what our little wallet warmers have to offer:

  • Save money on foreign expenses and keep track of overseas cash flow
  • Handle foreign expenses in the currency of your choosing
  • Erase having to reimburse employees through expensive bank transfers
  • Save employees from having to spend on their own personal cards
  • Forget about multiple tool logins, and store all the information you need in one place
  • Keep track of multiple employee expenditures
  • Set up and control spending permissions
  • Save time on boring and repetitive admin
  • Securely pay online across the globe

To the card page!

What you’ll get

Admin rights

Every Wise Business account has admin rights, which means you can control the spending permissions and limits that all your employees have. So there’s no need to worry about tear-inducing bar tabs on company business trips.

Physical and digital cards

Our new feature also offers both physical and digital cards for each user so you can pay for things around the world, whether you’re at a till or clicking checkout on your online shopping cart.

Accounting...just simpler

We all know handling expenses can be a living, breathing, nightmare. We want to change that, which is why you now have the option to upload a receipt with each transaction so you can keep track of your spending and make that admin work easier.

Let’s talk costs

If you’re familiar with Wise you’ll know a few things to be true. We don’t like hidden costs, sneaky subscription fees or unnecessarily ranking up costs. That’s why there’s only a one-off charge of 3 GBP when you order your first employee expenses card, and there’s no subscription at all. Use it when you need it, pop it away when you don’t.

Our goal is to eventually make international spending free. Which is why our card automatically converts your spend to the mid-market rate. Meaning you get the best out of your money and can put down the Google currency calculator.

Here to help

If there’s anything we learnt from Will Smith’s iRobot feature film in 2004, it’s that sometimes bots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Which is why you’ll have a dedicated Customer Support team at hand to answer all your questions both big and small.

Send us an email, give us a call, and know that we won’t try to conquer the human race and take over the world.

And that’s that. Mid-market rates,no subscription fees easy payments and everything stored in one place. If you’re interested in getting your hands on our new cards, take a trip to this page.

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