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As of October 2019: Check Multi-user access update here

A couple of months ago, we shared an update on the progress of our new multi-user access feature, which will let multiple people use one Wise Business account. Today, we’re excited to share another update on our beta, and how close we are to releasing it for everyone.

We know the importance of multi-user access

Multi-user access is the most requested feature from our business customers. Many businesses need multiple people, such as employees, contractors, or accountants, to have access to their finances. This makes it easier to delegate work and efficiently do things like process invoices, run payroll, track spending, and more.

Our customers have told us what they need

We've spoken to hundreds of businesses over the past year to learn what they need from multi-user access, and to understand their expectations.

We’re well on our way, but not all the features we want to offer are in place — yet. We started with the most common requests and will roll those out first.

But keep in mind that this first release will not be the final one. We are dedicated to building a feature that gives everyone exactly what they need. It's just that some things may take a bit more time.

We really want to get this right.

We’ve started testing the beta

We’re excited to have given more than 100 Wise Business customers access to an early release of multi-user access. They're helping us find glitches and letting us know what could be better.

Their feedback has already helped us make the end product better for everyone.

An update on our product roadmap

We plan to keep updating this section as the beta progresses.

What’s in the current beta

  • Account owners can add “sub-users” in a view-only role. This means other users can track account activity and do reporting. They can’t make payments or manage account settings
  • Please note — right now our customer support team has to manually add a sub-user, but we’re working on automating it

Updates we’re working on

  • Access a list of who is currently connected to your account
  • Invite new people to your account
  • Assign new people a role — i.e., decide what permission they have
  • Easily remove people from your account

Updates we’re still thinking about

  • Letting account owners give others full access to their account (say your partner, boss, or CEO)
  • Dual authorisation, which means people can set up payments that need to be approved by the account owner

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