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When we launched business transfers in 2016, we quickly learned that there was much more we could do to help businesses. We've listened to your feedback, and worked tirelessly to build the features you asked for.

So today, we're (re)introducing Wise Business to our global community of business customers. We’ve added a host of game-changing features, specially designed to help your business thrive across borders. Here’s what you can do:

Sync your accounting with Xero

We've partnered with everyone's favourite accounting tool to sync your activity with Xero. Track, manage, and sync your finances seamlessly. Learn more about Xero here.

Automate your finances with our open API

Our API is now open for business. Automate payments, connect your favourite business tools, and create beautiful ways to manage your finances. Read more about our open API here.

Pre-order a free business Mastercard®

TransferWise for Business now comes with a shiny new debit card. Pay expenses, set up subscriptions, and spend abroad in multiple currencies — all with the real exchange rate. Shipping early December. (UK/EEA only)

Make better batch payments

Businesses have made over a million transfers with our batch payments tool. And now, it’s even better than before. We've added on-screen errors, template instructions, and the ability to review your transfers before you finalise them.

Send USD to accounts outside the US

Businesses can now send US dollars to accounts all over the world. So if you have suppliers in countries like China and Hong Kong, and you need to pay them in USD, you can!

Coming soon! Team access to business accounts

Our business customers told us that multiple people needed access to their TransferWise account. To make this happen, we’re building multi-user access. This will make it easy for you, your team, and all your external contractors to manage a single TransferWise for Business account. We’re testing it out at the moment, and hope to roll it out over the next few months.

If you’ve already got a borderless business account, we’ll automatically update it to our new and improved TransferWise for Business account — it’ll be packed full of new features, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

And if you don’t have a TransferWise for Business account, you can sign up in minutes here.

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