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March 2023: This blog article contains out of date information. Please see the Wise Business homepage for up to date product information

They say good things come to those who wait. They also say that you can’t rush art. Were “they” talking about multi-user access for Wise Business accounts?

Probably not, but it’s here. And we’re excited.

Oh, and multi-user access is also the most requested feature by our business customers. So we’re very happy that it’s here to let your team get down to business.

Who can you add to your account and how?

Right now, there are two roles you can add:

  • Admin - they can make payments, add other users and manage the account, as if they were the owner.
  • Viewer - they can view the account, and download statements and receipts.

You can add users to your account on web, with mobile coming soon. And it’s so easy to do, it warrants no explanation. But here’s a GIF just in case.

multi-user access gif

What’s next?

Payment approvals. That’s what’s next. So if you’d like to be one of the first to try payments approvals, sign up to the beta waitlist here.

We also know how tricky managing business expenses can be. That’s why additional debit cards for business accounts is up next on our roadmap. This means your teammates can get their own business debit cards too.

See you for the next update — happy businessing.

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