Metro Bank UK international transfer: Fees, rates and transfer time

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Launched in 2010,¹ Metro Bank was one of the first new high street banks to open in the UK in 100 years. Since its launch, the bank has grown in popularity and now has more than 2.7 million customers.²

If you’ve recently signed up with Metro Bank or thinking to switch, you’ll want to know how to make international transfers. This is a crucial thing to know if you want to send money to friends and family abroad, or to pay international companies.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of making a Metro Bank international transfer, including fees, exchange rates and more.

Also, there are alternative ways to transfer money abroad, like with the money services provider Wise. With Wise, you can send money to more than 160 countries.


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How do you make an international bank transfer with Metro Bank?

If you have a personal account with Metro Bank, you have three options for making an international transfer

  • Using the Metro Bank app
  • Pop into a Metro Bank branch in store
  • Make your transfer over the phone if you’re set up with telephone banking.

Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to make a transfer using the Metro Bank app:⁴

  1. Open your Metro Bank app and sign in to your account

  2. Tap ‘Payments’

  3. Choose an account for the payment

  4. Tap ‘Choose Payee’ and select from the list or tap ‘+’ to create a new payee

    In case of a new payee, additional security steps apply – follow the on-screen instructions

  5. Fill in the payment details

  6. Tap ‘Make Payment’ and then on ‘Confirm’

You can only send euros, pounds, and US dollars through the mobile app, and the recipient countries are also limited. If you want to send more currencies or to other countries, you’ll need to call up (if you’re signed on for telephone banking) or visit a Metro Bank branch.³

If you’re planning on sending a large transfer, check with the Metro Bank about the limits your account has. There also may be further limits based on which option you use to make the transfer.

What do I need in order to make an international money transfer?

Here are the bank details you need to send money abroad:

  • The recipient bank’s name and address
  • The recipient bank’s SWIFT code (our SWIFT/BIC finder can help you out if you haven’t been given it)
  • The recipient’s IBAN or international account number - use our IBAN checker finder tool or calculate any Metro Bank IBAN number here.
  • The recipient’s full name and address
  • The currency and amount to be transferred, taking into account any fees for arranging the transfer.
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How long does an international bank transfer with Metro Bank take?⁵

The time it takes for your international bank transfer to arrive depends on your payment method and the destination of the transfer.

Within the EEA, a SEPA transfer of pounds or euro should arrive the same working day provided you send your payment before 2pm. However, SEPA payments can potentially take up to 2 working days to arrive.⁵

For SWIFT transfers, payments sent before 2pm should arrive the next working day, but they can take up to 5 working days. You’ll also need to factor in weekends and bank holidays, as payments aren’t usually processed during these times.⁵

What are the fees for an international transfer with Metro Bank in the UK?

Here are the main Metro Bank international transfer fees you need to know about:⁶

Metro Bank international transfersFees
Receiving an international transferNo fee \ *an exchange rate margin applies when receiving foreign currency payments
Sending an international paymentSEPA transfer: £0.20

SWIFT transfer: £25

Also, if you value transparent fees and want to avoid exchange rate markups, consider sending money with Wise. You’ll get a low transfer fee, no hidden costs, and the fair mid-market exchange rate.

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Please see the Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise fees & pricing for the most up-to-date information on pricing and fees.

Exchange rates

Metro Bank offers an indicative exchange rate through the app at the time that you request the transfer. However, the actual rate used might be different, depending on when the transfer is actually processed. Here’s what Metro Bank’s terms and conditions read:⁵

We offer an indicative exchange rate in the app which can move up or down after you’ve placed the payment. The final exchange rate will be applied when the money leaves your account.

If you check the exchange rate on Google or XE, you might be disappointed when you compare it with the rate for your Metro Bank transfer. The rates set by banks will generally include a margin on the mid-market rate, which is how banks generally make money on your transfer.

This means that your transfer could end up costing more, so it’s always worth checking and comparing the exchange rate before going ahead.

Need help with your transfer? Here’s how to contact Metro Bank

Wise – Money for here, there and everywhere

Want low fees, great exchange rates and an easy way to send money worldwide? Open a Wise account online in just a few clicks, and you can start sending money to over 160 countries.

You can send payments worldwide for low fees and mid-market exchange rates. There’s even a Wise card for spending in over 150 countries, where your pounds are automatically converted to the local currency at a great rate.

There aren’t any monthly fees with Wise, and you can open an account for free.

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After reading this guide, you should have all the info you need to make your first Metro Bank international transfer. We’ve covered the ways to set up your transfer and the details you’ll need, right through to how much it’ll cost and how long it takes.

And of course, just how crucial it is to check and compare exchange rates, to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal for your transfer.

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