Halifax international transfer: Fees, rates and transfer time

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There are lots of reasons you might need to send money abroad from the UK. Whether you're transferring just a few pounds or a whole lot more, you need to know a little about how international money transfers work.

Halifax processes international money transfers differently depending on where you’re sending your money. They might use a different system to send money to an EU-based bank account, for example, than for a transfer headed to America.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to make a transfer with Halifax, the fees involved, and how long it takes.

Also, there are alternative ways to transfer money abroad, like with the money services provider Wise. With Wise, you can send money to more than 160 countries.


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How to make an international bank transfer with Halifax?

You can make international transfers through Halifax Mobile Banking app and Online Banking. You can also make an international payment over the phone but there’s a £10,000 limit.¹ And you can also go in branch and talk with the teller to send your money abroad.

If you need to transfer a large amount of money, it's worth talking to a Halifax advisor in advance to agree how best to process the transaction.

Using the Halifax Mobile Banking app

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make an international transfer with Halifax Mobile Banking app:²

  1. Log in to your Mobile Banking app
  2. Tap on the ‘More’ menu from the account view
  3. Tap on the ‘Send money outside the UK’
  4. Select between ‘Select an international recipient’ or ‘Pay someone new’
  5. Insert the recipient’s country and bank details
  6. Select the amount and the currency
  7. Tap ‘Continue’, review the transfer details, and tap ‘Confirm Payment’

Using Halifax Online Banking

Here’s how to send money with Halifax Online Banking:²

  1. Log in to your Online Banking account
  2. Select ‘Payments and transfers’
  3. Click on the ‘Send money outside the UK’ option
  4. Select between ‘Select an international recipient’ or ‘Pay someone new’
  5. Pick the recipient’s country from the list and fill in the bank details
  6. Select the amount and the currency
  7. Click ‘Continue’, review the transfer details, and select ‘Confirm Payment’

What do you need to make an international money transfer?

Depending on the recipient’s country, here are a few key bank details for sending money abroad

  • The transfer amount
  • The full name of the person you’re sending the money to, as written on their bank account and their address
  • The recipient’s IBAN or international account number - use our IBAN checker or calculate any Halifax IBAN number here.
  • Name and address of the recipients bank
  • The SWIFT/BIC code, or routing code (for certain countries)
  • An explanation for the payment
📚 Read more: What bank details are needed to receive money in the UK?

What are the fees for an international payment with Halifax in the UK?

Before you make an international transfer with Halifax, it’s a good idea to understand the fees involved. Let’s look at the main charges and dig a bit deeper into additional costs.

Halifax Bank TransactionRegular Fee
Incoming international transfer¹SEPA payments
  • Free of charge

    Outside of the SEPA zone, recipient fees cost:

    • £2 for transfers under £100
    • £7 for transfers over £100
Outgoing international transfer¹Payments in euro from your account
  • Free of charge

    All other payments in foreign currency from your account

    • £9.50

      Possible correspondent bank fees

      • £12 for transfers to Zone 1 (USA, Canada and Europe (non-EEA))
      • £20 for the rest of the world

If you’re looking to cancel a payment and it’s still possible from the bank’s end, here’s what Halifax states:²

“If we send a payment outside the UK or in a foreign currency we can only stop or change it if the other bank agrees. We may charge you the reasonable costs of cancelling or changing a payment. We'll tell you what these are when you ask us.”

Also, if you value transparent fees and want to avoid exchange rate markups, consider sending money with Wise. You’ll get a low transfer fee, no hidden costs, and the fair mid-market exchange rate.

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Exchange rate

Don't forget that as well as any flat fees applied, you need to know if the exchange rate used is fair. Many banks add a margin or a spread to the mid-market exchange rate, which makes sending money more expensive.

Here’s what you can find on Halifax’s terms and conditions

“Our standard exchange rate includes a margin. This is the difference between our standard exchange rate and the rate at which we buy and sell currency in the foreign exchange markets. You can find our current exchange rates by calling us or asking in branch. The exchange rate changes to reflect currency market movements, so we won't be able to confirm the actual rate until we receive the payment.”

The small print confirms that Halifax does add a margin to the exchange rate, meaning you have to consider this cost when calculating the total fees of the transfer.

The margin Halifax adds can be up to 3.55%, depending on the payment value in GBP that you’re sending. Here’s how the margin rate changes based on the amount:¹

Payment Value in GBPMargin range between Halifax’s standard exchange rate and the wholesale rate
0 - £10,0003.55%
£10,000 - £50,0002.40% - 3.55%
£50,000 - £100,0002.10% - 2.40%
£100,000 - £250,0001.50% - 2.10%
£250,000 and above1.50%

How long does an international bank transfer with Halifax take?

Payments in euros to EU accounts should arrive no later than the next working day, payment in other European currencies within Europe can take up to 4 working days

Payments in any currencies to North America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and the Far East take up to 4 working days to complete. Transfers to any other countries takes up to 5 working days

Is there any way to make a faster transfer for an extra fee?

The bank doesn’t offer a way to speed up payments. But, it's very important to note the cut off times for payments.

If you make a transfer request before 3:00 pm on a working day, the payment is sent on the same day. However, when using the phone or in branch options for your transfer, the cut off time could be 2:00 pm for some payments.²

Contact / Help - More questions around your transfer?

If you have specific questions about your transfer, there are several different ways you can talk to the advisors at Halifax:

  • Log in to online or mobile banking for frequently asked questions and to chat with an advisor
  • Use a Halifax branch finder to get help in person
  • Halifax phone number - 0345 720 3040 in the UK. Lines are open 8am - 8pm, seven days a week for existing customers.³

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Unfortunately, there are a few pitfalls and hidden fees when it comes to making international money transfers with standard money transfer providers, which can make it expensive and lead to nasty surprises.

Wherever you’re transferring your money to, it’s smart to do your research in advance, to make sure you get the best deal for your situation.

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