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Finding the most affordable international postage rates can usually mean the difference between a healthy profit margin and taking a loss for a lot of e-commerce businesses conducting cross-border selling.

While we know that product discovery, security and speedy transactions, have made it simpler to get items and packages from all over the world, note that the logistics of getting your products across borders remains complex, expensive, and even overwhelming. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to global logistics, yearly trends indicate that costs increase with monetary inflation, higher cargo loads and higher energy prices.

And this is why it is crucial for cross-border e-commerce sellers to constantly evaluate and assess their shipping partners and their policies to ensure they’re getting the cheapest international postage rates possible.

International e-commerce shipping is essential because of globalization. So, getting in front of a bigger audience presents a massive opportunity for your business. The stats do not lie:

  • 70 percent of online shoppers buy internationally.¹
  • 62 percent of merchants have an effective cross-border e-commerce business.²
  • Compared to a domestic sale, the AOV of international sales is 17 percent higher.³
  • Cross-border purchases will make up 20 percent of all international ecommerce by 2022.⁴

We will discuss international postage rates and also demonstrate how you can save money by usingWise Business when sending and receiving international transfers.

What to Keep in Mind?

Think Internationally

As there are so many country-specific regulations and rules that you need to comply with, make sure that you know how each country or region you ship to is different, especially when it comes to quotas, tariffs, and trade duties.

Secure Packaging is Essential

There is no doubt that you would like your package to arrive at its destination country safe and sound. And if you are using a reliable and dependable courier trusted for their top-quality services, the risk of damage to your package during transit is quite low. Also, it is worth noting that most couriers would offer some type of compensation cover in the unlikely event that your parcel sustains any damage.

Estimate International Shipping Times

Note that where you’re located or shipping from and the country you will ship to will have an effect on delivery timelines. Although some customers will have no problem waiting a while for their parcel or package to arrive, others may need it as early as possible. This is where providing both express and standard international delivery options will help cater to different customers.

You have to remember that exact delivery times can vary considerably across carriers and services. Just make sure that you communicate that to your customers so they choose the most suitable delivery option at checkout.

Research Prohibited and Restricted Goods

When sending a package anywhere in the world, make sure that you are not sending any restricted or prohibited goods. Remember that not every item or product can be carried all services – and all countries usually have their own rules, regulations and restrictions.

For instance, a general rule is that you cannot send perishable items and liquids abroad – so make sure that you check your courier’s list of prohibited and restricted items before you book your shipment.

The Rest of the Logistics Process

There is no doubt that for many international e-commerce sellers that sell and deliver even a modest number of packages every day, the logistics process may begin to exceed the capabilities of their internal logistics team.

This is why from fulfillment to secure warehousing, finding global shipping and logistics providers that can meet all your needs is crucial to support the growth and expansion of your business.

International Postage Rates

Postage to Europe⁵

CourierPrice RangeTime for DeliveryTrack Shipment
DHL (Package less than 5kg)
  • Drop off at Local DHL Service Point - £17.90
  • Collection Online - £18.15
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Yes, available
  • Dropped at UPS Access Point Euro - £15.12
  • Collected by UPS - £ 19.28
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
    TNT£40.923 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
    Parcel Force
  • Collected any time during working hours - £19.19
  • Collected before 11 am - £ 20.19
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
  • Dropped at a drop point - £13.85
  • Collected by DPS - £15.03
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged) Available

    All prices are calculated with a parcel of 35cm X 35cm X 35cm and a weight of 5kg with Spain as the destination.

    Postage to the US⁶

    CourierPrice RangeTime for DeliveryTrack ShipmentExpress Delivery
    DHL (Package less than 5kg)⁴
  • Drop off at Local DHL Service Point - £109.95
  • Collection Online - £92.04
  • Collection over the Phone - £119.23
  • 1 working day (VAT Not charged) 1 working day (VAT not Charged) 1 Working day* (VAT not charged)*Yes, availableAvailable
  • Collected any time during working hours - £59.54
  • Collected before 11 am - £ 68.57
  • 2-day deliveryAvailableAvailable
    TNT£84.92Regular delivery of 3 to 7 daysAvailableAvailable
    Parcel Force
  • Collected any time during working hours - £91.04
  • Collected before 11 am - £ 101.38
  • Regular delivery of 5 - 8 days

    All prices are calculated with a parcel of 35cm X 35cm X 35cm and a weight of 5kg.

    Postage to Australia⁶

    CourierPrice RangeTime for DeliveryTrack Shipment
  • Drop off at Landmark Drop-shop - £89.27
  • Collection anytime during working hours - £89.52
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
  • UPS Express - £80.87UPS
  • Express Saver - £ 78.94
  • 1 -2 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
    Collect+ InternationalDropped of their pickup point - £90.338 -13 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
    Parcel Force
  • Collected any time during working hours - £83.03
  • Collected before 11 am - £92.20
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Available
  • Dropped at a drop point - £91.75
  • Collected by DPD - £93.62
  • 3 - 6 working days (VAT Not charged)Available

    All prices are calculated with a parcel of 35cm X 35cm X 35cm and a weight of 5kg with Australia as the destination.

    How to Save Money on International Payments?

    Here are the ways you can save money using Wise:

    1. Receive foreign currencies for free using themulti-currency account.
    2. Avoid exchange rate mark-up most banks or providers charge so you’ll end up getting more from the money you send and receive internationally.
    3. Fair and reasonable service fees as well as mid-market rates – a main market differentiator - cheaper payments to vendors and suppliers abroad.

    Wise never hides extra fees and charges in its exchange rate. On the other hand, some banks charge exchange rate mark-up, which is why they are not the best option for sending and receiving international transfers. Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate with no mark-up and no hidden fees. And this means fair, transparent and low-cost transfers for your business, every time.

    Here are some additional benefits of using Wise:

    • Enjoy instant or next-day delivery for a majority of currencies
    • Integration withXero andQuickbooks to ease your accounting
    • Multi-currency debit card for faster and convenient payments
    • Transaction costs are always transparent.
    • Simple-to-use app


    Running an online business and having an effective international strategy for your e-commerce business go hand in hand. However, selling across borders can be tricky and challenging. It can also be costly for many businesses. That is why it is important to negotiate the best international postage rates. When shipping internationally, you will have to deal with duties, customs, and additional taxes that tend to vary across different countries.

    Also, it is crucial to account for the whole customer experience, not only offering the most affordable international shipping possible. To ensure a quick and smooth delivery, make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of how it all works.

    Start saving today with Wise

    Want to earn extra revenue? Join the Wise affiliate program and receive commission for recommending Wise to other online sellers.

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    *Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

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