8 tips on sending money from China with Wise

Chelsea Li

Here are our top tips and potential pitfalls when sending money from China* using Wise.

This service is provided in partnership with a third party payment provider licenced in China

Getting verified

1. Get your tax record from the tax app or office

We’ll ask for a tax record when we verify your details. This proves that you’ve paid taxes on the money you are sending out of China. You can get your tax record from the China tax app. To set up the app, you can get a code from the tax office. You can also get a hard copy of your tax record from the tax office. You just need to bring your passport with you.

2. The tax period impacts your sending limits

How much you can send from China depends on how long you have paid taxes. Make sure you give us the longest period possible for your tax record. This will allow you to send out the maximum amount you can.

3. Residence permits are accepted even when expired

You’ll need to show you have been legitimately employed in China. We accept residence permits and other proof of work eligibility, even if the document has expired.

4. Have your passport handy

We take a live photo of your passport during verification so make sure you have it ready.

Before you send money from China, we suggest you gather these documents ready for verification. Here are some examples of what the documents look like.

Moving money from your bank account in China

5. Check your bank’s limits

Check if your bank has any minimum or maximum limits for sending CNY from China. This can cause errors when trying to send money using Wise. For example, the Bank of China has a minimum of 50,000 CNY per transfer. ICBC on the other hand has a maximum of 10,000 CNY per transfer. Each bank also has slightly different steps when making a transfer to us. See our step-by-step guide on how to send from your bank in China to Wise.

6. Send money to Wise during opening hours

For your transfer to proceed, you’ll need to send your money to us. Make sure you do this when payment systems in China are open. They are open during the following hours (China Standard Time).

  • Open from Monday to Friday, except between 4pm and 8.30pm
  • Closed from 4pm Friday to 8.30pm Sunday
  • Closed over public holidays until 8.30pm of the last day of the holiday

7. Top up to your Wise balance

Sending your CNY to one of your Wise balances gives you the flexibility to manage your finances and withdraw money as and when you want. To transfer CNY to your Wise balance, go to the balance you’d like to add money to, and click on “add”. Then choose “CNY” as the currency that you’d like to pay with.

8. Remember, you can only send CNY to yourself

Due to regulations, you will have to be the recipient of any money you send from China.

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