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Our Mission

We're at scale, growing fast and profitable.

In bringing transparency and fairness into how we price our products, we’ve found a common ground of creating massive value for our customers and for our shareholders.

This is truly hard, maybe even rare, but definitely worthwhile, so to find out how we did this, watch a video from Matt Briers (our CFO), or read his blog on our recent financial results here.

Image of Matt Briers, CFO

We're on a mission to build money without borders.

Moving money across borders is broken. International banking is broken. Over 13 million people and businesses have used Wise saving more than a billion pounds a year.

Product image of device and card

We're building the best way to move and manage money around the world.

The right products solve the biggest real-life problems for people and businesses. And we have built them.

Watch Nilan to see how it's done.

Wise helps consumers and businesses live life without borders

We have built out the infrastructure to move money around the world faster, cheaper and easier than ever thought possible.

Watch Diana and Harsh to see how.

An input form and bank card

There is something special about how and why our people work on our mission.

Watch Nilan explain how our culture drives growth.

An input form and bank card