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Nilan Peiris
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In the past ten years, here at Wise, we’ve built a way to power money without borders, with a mission to make it easier, cheaper, more convenient and transparent. It’s led to a community of 10 million people and businesses using Wise.

But none of this would have been possible without our people. They are passionate and committed to our mission. Every day, more than 2400 Wisers come to work to challenge the status quo of how money moves across borders.

A mission driven global team

Our teams are motivated by the impact they have.
91% of Wisers are proud to work at Wise and 82% are motivated by our mission. We’re able to inspire many more people to join us on that mission, too. In the last financial year, we had 88,000 people applying to join Wise.

As a team, we celebrate the progress we’ve made towards achieving our mission with our internal conference: Mission Days. We also share quarterly mission updates with our customers. Impact on the mission is our internal currency. And growing their impact is how our people are encouraged to develop at Wise.

Our structure empowers people to build solutions

We work in autonomous teams focussed on solving customer problems. We’re startups within a scaleup.

This structure hasn't changed since we started. This model and our unique culture puts customers first and is built to deliver at speed. Each team works closely with customers to prioritise projects and deliver results. It keeps them agile and fast.

We encourage constructive feedback and challenge each other. This helps keep teams accountable and ensures they keep customer benefit at the heart of any problem they solve.

And whenever a new customer problem arises, a new team is born. We follow the same playbook, every time.

  1. Talking to customers helps us identify and prioritise opportunities.
  2. Teams form and scale around that opportunity, pulling in specialist resources as required. For example a team may start with compliance specialists, engineers and designers and can pull in analysts and researchers where needed.
  3. We launch quickly with a limited feature set designed to get value to our customers as early as possible. And we continue iterating post-launch.

Hundreds of people have joined us in the last financial year, and Wise now has over 500 engineers. Our product goes through 3,000 releases per month - each one making the product faster, cheaper or easier to use.

We’re nowhere near mission complete, and we need more people to help us get there. We could grow our team much faster than we are doing today, but we constrain our hiring to the rate at which our leaders can support those new joiners onboarding to Wise.

We want to reflect our customers

Having a diverse, inclusive workforce helps us move much faster towards achieving our mission. We believe in hiring people who are reflective of our customer base. Our people have experienced the challenges our customers face in living international lives, and that helps us achieve our mission faster.

Our customers are global: they come from over 110 countries. Our Wisers are international too, coming from over 90 countries, so our people really understand the problems we are trying to solve, because they’re experiencing first hand the limits of existing products and tools today. They know how broken money is and have developed a deep understanding of what we can do to help.

We have a long way to go to achieve our mission, but it remains at the heart of everything we do. And we believe we are assembling the best team in the world to achieve this.

Wise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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