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Request money online

Create payment links and share them with whoever owes you money — wherever they are in the world.

Request money online from anyone, anywhere.

Ask friends and family for money, and get paid back in a snap — easier and cheaper than almost anyone else out there.

Just set up and share your payment link directly from the Wise app or website.


Get paid, globally.

Request payments online from customers near and far — just generate an invoice, share your payment link, and receive directly into your Wise account.

Convert what you get at the mid-market rate, with no hidden fees.


How to request money from abroad with Wise.


Create a payment link

Put the currency, amount, and what it’s for. If you’re requesting a business payment, you can also set a due date, attach an invoice, and more.


Share the link

Share the link by email, text, or WhatsApp — it’ll contain everything someone needs to pay you.


Get paid

Your money lands directly in your Wise account — we’ll drop you a line when it’s arrived.

Wise is safe and secure.

We're required by law to keep your money safe by storing it in a low-risk financial institution — in Europe this is in our UK account with Barclays, in the US this is in our US account with Wells Fargo.

We're trusted by 13 million people and counting.


The simple way to get paid internationally.

9+ account details in major global currencies.

Avoid the complexity, fees and hidden markups when you receive in the same currency you’re paid in. Get account details to receive USD, EUR, GBP and more.

The number of currencies you can receive money in depends on your location. Check which currencies you can receive.


Request money with Wise

Request money from near and far with a Wise account.

Request money with Wise