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What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is an app which lives on your smartphone and lets you hold your credit and debit cards in virtual form, digital tickets, loyalty cards, vouchers and more.

With a digital wallet you can make contactless payments with your smartphone, watch or fitness tracker, tap to pay on public transport, pull up an entry ticket for an attraction, or collect loyalty points for example.

It’s secure, convenient - and it means you can leave home without worrying about remembering your wallet, too.
A mobile showing the wise digital card in the Wise digital wallet

How does a digital wallet work?

Start using a digital wallet by downloading a mobile wallet app like Apple Pay or Google Pay. In some cases, you might even find the wallet is already installed on your phone or smart device for convenience.

Once your preferred app is on your smartphone you’re prompted to link one or more debit or credit cards. This can be as simple as scanning them with the phone’s camera and confirming the details. Your phone will securely store all the card details, and can even support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Use your digital wallet for online and in person payments, sending money to others, and more. Online look out for your wallet’s symbol at checkout - and in person just tap to pay wherever you see contactless payments supported. You can then authorise the transaction with a PIN or biometric verification for security.

A woman smiling when using the digital wallet

More than a digital wallet

Get a Wise debit card to use with your favourite digital wallet, to spend in 40+ currencies with the mid-market exchange rate, online or in person.

Whether you’re ordering something from abroad or out exploring a new country, you’ll always be able to pay like a local with Wise. Just top up your Wise digital account in the currency of your choice, and leave it to the card to convert to the payment currency, with low fees and a fair exchange rate. There are no ongoing account fees - and you’ll skip foreign transaction fees and hidden conversion costs.

Do more with your money, in 150+ countries, with Wise and your favourite mobile wallet.

Splitting your spending in the Wise digital wallet
Hold, send, spend and receive multiple currencies in one place

Use the intuitive Wise app to check and manage your balance across currencies, review what you’ve earned in interest, track transactions and freeze or unfreeze your payment card. That makes it easier than ever to plan, track and manage your spending - and to grow your wealth at the same time.

With the Wise app, you can:

  • Hold and exchange 40+ currencies
  • Send money to friends, family and businesses in 160+ countries

  • Receive money with local bank details in 9 currencies

  • Spend money online and in-store internationally in 150+ countries

  • Get the mid-market exchange rate and low fees when you switch currencies in-app or spend with your card

  • Make contactless payments with your digital wallet or physical Wise debit card

  • Create up to 3 digital cards in one account

    Manage multiple currencies
    Instant notification on your phone
    Spend instantly with Apply Pay or Google Pay
    Freeze and unfreeze your card anytime, anywhere
    In-app ATM finder locate the nearest free fee ATM around the world

    Types of digital wallet

    There are plenty of different digital wallet apps out there. The best one for you may just depend on the type of mobile phone or smart device that you use. iPhone users may prefer Apple Pay while Android fans might go for Google Pay, for example, while fitness watch users have a different selection to choose from.

    With Wise, you can integrate the debit card with your favourite digital wallet including Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Here are some top digital wallets you might want to use.

    Google Pay

    Built into many Android devices - or available as a free to download app, you can choose Google Pay and Wise if you’re an avid Android fan.

    Garmin Pay

    Wise customers in many countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore can choose Garmin Pay and Wise to transact with just a smartwatch.

    Fitbit Pay

    Prefer Fitbit? Add your Wise card to Fitbit in the UK, EEA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore - so you can pay on the move without worrying about carrying a card.

    How to use a digital wallet with Wise

    With the Wise app, you can register your account, order a card - and manage all your transactions in the same place. Here’s how to get started:

      1. Register a Wise account for free
      2. Order a Wise card for a low, one time fee
      4. Add your Wise debit card and digital card to your mobile wallet

    Add your Wise card to Wallet

    Adding your Wise debit card to your preferred digital wallet is easy. Usually you can tap to open your digital wallet, and look for the + or Add icon, to follow the in-app instructions. Or, open the Wise app and link directly from there:

      1. Tap on the Card tab
      2. Select the card you'd like to add to a wallet
      3. Tap on the option to add to the wallet you prefer

    Download the Wise App today

    Wise has mobile apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

    Using the app, you can reload your Wise debit card from anywhere with the internet. You will be notified with every transaction. Also, you can freeze your card after each purchase.

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