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Still using a bank or broker to send money? Chances are you're overpaying. Traditional providers are deceptively expensive because they use bad exchange rates. Wise is the cheaper, faster and more transparent way to send, spend and receive money internationally.

When you convert currencies with traditional providers, such as a bank, a broker or PayPal, you typically pay a lot more than you expect. On top of any fees they charge, they use an exchange rate with a mark-up, which often ends up costing you more than the stated fee itself.

Wise is different. Unlike other providers, Wise uses the real exchange rate with no mark-up, so you know exactly how much you’re paying with each transaction. Its fees are completely transparent, and they come to a fraction of the price charged by banks or brokers.

Here’s an example of how its prices compare with other providers for sending money from 1,000 pounds to euros:

7 million customers transfer billions of pounds though Wise’s platform each month, saving over £3 million a day in bank fees and bad rates.

How Wise works:

• Its transfers are fast, fair and a fraction of the cost of a bank – the fee is typically between 0.3-1% of the amount you’re sending, although the exact cost varies depending on which currencies you’re converting
• You always get the real exchange rate with no costly mark-up, so you always know the true costs upfront
• You can make transfers from [, or from its iOS and Android apps
• Payments are significantly faster than a bank. 25% are complete instantly, and over 77% complete within 1 hour
• It takes minutes to set up a free account, and you can make transfers of up to £1m to 55 currencies

Try our calculator to see how much your transfer will cost:

A multi-currency account that gives you more control

Wise also offers a free multi-currency account, which lets you hold balances in over 50 currencies. You can convert between them instantly and make payments directly in a single click. It takes minutes to create an account and you can manage your balances and payments in the app or on its website, making it the simplest way to manage your international banking.

A unique feature of the Wise account is that it also equips you with your own international bank details for the US, EU, UK, Australia and Poland. That means that it’s free to receive payments directly into your account from any of those currencies. It’s a bit like getting paid like a local from around the world.

The account also comes with a debit Mastercard to help you spend internationally safely and cheaply. You can freeze your card in the app if you lose it, reset the pin, and review all your transactions, balances and statements in a few clicks.

On a mission to build faster, cheaper and fairer international payments

Wise’s founders Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus started Wise 10 years ago because of their own frustration at the high costs they were being charged to send money between the UK, where they worked, and the EU, where they had bills. They built Wise to bypass the outdated, costly systems that banks and brokers use and slash the costs of international transfers.

Today, Wise’s 7 million customers send billions of pounds through the platform each month, saving $3m each day in bank fees and hidden exchange rate costs. Visit to start saving time and money on your international banking. It also has an invite reward programme to thank you for spreading the word: for every 3 people who sign up and make a transfer of £200, you’ll earn £50. 

Click here to set up your free account and join 7 million customers saving at, or through our Android or iOS app.

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