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10 years down, and now over 10 million of you have joined our mission of money without borders.

There’s also 2,400 Wisers across 15 offices working to make this mission a reality. And they all get to share in the success of Wise too. Because everyone who has worked at Wise is a shareholder. This means they have some ownership of the company and its successes.

We believe our customers should also be shareholders. You have the strongest understanding of the problems we’re trying to solve and our mission, so it’s natural you should have a say in how Wise is built and run. We believe having you represented amongst our shareholders will help us move even faster towards completing our mission.

That’s why we’re giving one share in Wise to 2,000 of our active customers. Having a share is a bit like having a slice of the Wise pie — it means you own a bit of Wise. If you’re one of the lucky 2,000, we’ll be in touch with how to claim your share.

We believe all Wise customers will benefit from this group having a voice in our shareholder base.

We’re just getting started and hopefully this is the first step towards having a large number of our customers also be owners of Wise.

Read on if you have questions.

Why are we doing this?

We want our customers to be shareholders because they have the best understanding of our mission. So they should have a voice in the future of Wise.

We are starting with active customers because they’ll have great insight on how to make Wise even better.

What’s in it for me?

The share is a thank you to our most loyal customers and it has value.

We hope that you’ll help us make Wise even better. As shareholders you will also get access to some special stuff. We’re still working out the details but by participating, you may qualify for the following:

  • Invites to our bi-annual Mission Days team event
  • Invites to attend feedback sessions with the team on how to improve Wise
  • Limited edition Wise swag
  • Early access to new features and products

What do I need to do? By when?

You will get an email and a notification in your Wise account inbox to let you know if you qualify. From there, if you want to participate, you simply select “Claim share” at the end of the sign up flow.

But if you receive an email about claiming shares that doesn’t look like it’s from Wise, it could be phishing — have a read of how to spot scams here.

What’s this worth?

Wise shares aren’t publicly traded. But we do occasionally conduct private transactions where shareholders — like employees, early investors, and now you — might be able to sell some of their shares.

The last time we did one of these transactions was in July 2020. At that time, each share had a value of US$125. If and when we conduct another transaction, you will get the same information and options as all shareholders.

Is this really a gift?

Yep! You’ve been a huge supporter of Wise and this is our way of saying thanks. You’re responsible for your tax though.

Wait, what’s that about tax?

You’ll be responsible for paying any taxes or duties that come due in connection with your receipt and ownership of the share. In the event you sell the share in a transaction, you’re responsible for any taxes that result as well.

You’re also responsible for making the relevant disclosures in your tax returns or other tax filings.

The specific tax implications will depend on your personal circumstances and the country (or countries) that you are subject to tax in. If you have any uncertainty about your tax, you should get professional tax advice.

Anything else I need to know?

Nope! Just make sure you claim your share if you want it. If anything else comes up, we’ll email you.

We’re just getting started, but hopefully this is the first step towards having a large number of our customers also owning a slice of Wise.

Wise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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