Wise Platform and Deel expand 3-year partnership with brand-new feature

Liispet Kaisel

Three years ago Wise Platform partnered with leading global HR and payroll company, Deel to give Deel’s business customers an easier way to manage their payroll across borders.

Today, we are announcing the launch of a brand-new deposit flow feature that will empower Deel customers to execute payments even more conveniently and efficiently.

Deel allows businesses to fast-track global expansion by handling worldwide compliance, payroll and HR in over 150 countries. This means ensuring that teams are paid efficiently, on-time, and in the currency that works best for them.

Wise Platform and Deel have worked together for 3 years to allow customers to choose the best currency to pay employees around the world.

Starting today, our newest integration will further streamline global payroll for Deel customers by allowing customers to send funds via Deel using a simple email address, significantly reducing the time it takes to pay employees. This will simultaneously open up an additional 10 currencies to our integration, including JPY, MYR, NOK, PLN and SEK, bringing the total number of available currencies to 19.

With more companies chasing dreams of global expansion, and as international teams become more possible and popular, our partnership with Deel is among the best examples of how, when we work together, we can build a world in which money has no borders.

Dan Westgarth, Chief Operating Officer at Deel, said:

“Wise’s new feature allows even more Deel customers to use their local currency and local payment system, expanding our capabilities and bringing the Wise experience to more businesses around the world. This is massively beneficial for our customers, who choose Deel to make hiring, onboarding, and executing payroll for overseas employees a breeze.”

Wise Platform works with over 50 banks and businesses to integrate the power of Wise into their existing infrastructure, meaning they can embed the best way to send, receive and manage money internationally.

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Money without borders

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