Them vs us: Meet our 20 Under 20 winners

Anna Allgaier

Every year, we do this thing called “20 Under 20.” What is it you ask? Well, it’s a competition where we hunt down 20 of the baddest (in a good way) entrepreneurs between the ages of 16-19 across Europe, who are changing the world with their businesses and big ol’ brains. Omg, thanks you guys.

The winners got anything from £25,000 if they’re first place, to £2,000 for each of the 3 special awards winners. Plus, all 20 Under 20 finalists get £1 million worth of fee-free international transfers with Wise Business, access to networking and a ticket to an amazing mentoring camp.

I mean I didn’t even get an “excellent effort” (translation: you tried, we had to give you something, here you go) award at school, but we move on. And on that note, we thought it would be nice to shine the spotlight on two of the winners and compare their efforts to what some of our Wisers were doing around the same age.

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Julian, 19 - Overall winner 🏆

Julian is the CEO and Founder of FOSSA Systems, a global and cost effective IoT connectivity. Yes, I too had no idea what that meant. But then with the help of Google, and a lovely description from Julian, my knowledge void was filled.

FOSSA Systems’ goal is to democratise access to space, and worldwide IoT communications. They target industrial applications and deliver IoT connectivity using picosatellites in areas where mobile coverage is either limited or totally inaccessible. Essentially, they help people get online and gain access to communication when they otherwise wouldn’t have it.
Total legend.

Aman, 26 - Just doing his best 💪

Wiser Aman was an A+ student at the age of 17. An A+ student in struggling and failing to do things. He tried to shoot hoops, he tried to learn the guitar, but alas he isn’t Michael Jordan 2.0 and he hasn’t quite yet mastered Wonderwall.

Pau, 19 - EdTech special award 🏆

Pau founded Examfy, coined “the world’s most successful assessment platform”. To put it simply, Examfy is a school management software that lets teachers scan exams using their phone, and have them automatically assess them using clever AI technology.

Well I’ll be damned. Not only has Pau created something incredible, he’s also enabling teachers around the world to get home in time for a takeaway and telly instead of grading papers. What a man. The educators of the world salute you.

Jessica, 44 - Don't hate the player hate the game 🎮

Wiser Jessica was crushing it at 15. Crushing her competitors at Mario Kart. And not just any Mario Kart. Oh no, she was overtaking Princess Peach on an original Super Nintendo.

This year's competition has sadly been and gone, but if you're under 20 and kicking off your own venture, watch this space for next year.

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