Been contacted about buying Wise shares? It's a scam.

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Recently, more and more customers have been alerting us to fake websites, emails, and texts about buying shares in Wise. These are scams, and should be ignored or reported.

Scams could link out to fake websites like this:

Fraudsters have been trying to phish Wise customer details via fake investment portals, allowing them to access accounts. Not good news.

**Wise isn’t currently selling shares to customers. **

Recently, Wise gifted one share to 2,000 of our most active customers, who were emailed directly from us. Otherwise, we are* not* currently offering shares.

So if you get a fishy looking email or text, or even a call about signing up for Wise shares, ignore it, report it or email us to double check.

What to watch out for:

  • Calls or texts from unknown numbers
  • Email from strange email addresses
  • Third parties claiming to encouraging you to buy shares

If you’re not sure if it’s from Wise, it’s probably not from Wise. In any case, you can always email us to confirm — look out for an email address. We’ve also seen scammers posing as investment platforms.

What to do if you suspect a scam:

  • Never share any of your personal information
  • Don’t clicks any links if it’s a text or email
  • Hang up if you get a phone call
  • Forward it if you can to

If we ever do decide to make more shares available to our customers and go ahead with an IPO, we’ll make sure it’s clear and that information comes from us. In the meantime, keep an eye out for anything that looks “phishy”.

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