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Reliable and efficient international payments solutions are critical to business success. At Wise, we understand paying your employees, customers or suppliers is fundamental to your operations, that's why we've created a game-changing international business account that offers fast, affordable, transparent, and easy multi-currency payments.

Wise is trusted by over 300,000+ businesses who use us to manage their money and send international payments in 40+ currencies to more than 160+ countries, all while they grow their business globally. See this current list of countries you can send international payments to.

How long will the transfer take?

Traditional methods of sending money internationally can often take days, resulting in disruption to your business and uncertainty for suppliers, contractors and employees. With Wise Business account you can send * instant international payments, with * 61% of transfers now arriving instantly (under 20 seconds). You're able to see an update on the speed of our transfers in our Quarterly Mission Statement. This includes detailed information on average speeds in the regions Wise is currently available.

3 reasons to use Wise for your international business payments
  • Multi-currency support: send money in 40+ currencies to 160+ countries, and get local bank details for 9+ currencies including GBP, EUR, USD, AUD.
  • Low cost currency exchange: mid-market exchange rate with transparent fees
  • * Instant international payments

Key features of the Wise Business Account

Send affordable international payments

With Wise, sending multi-currency transfers is affordable because we use the mid-market exchange rate and offer low-cost, transparent fees. Our fees depend on the amount you're sending, the currency you're sending to, and your payment method, and you can always see the fees we charge upfront.

Before sending any international payment, you can always check the current mid-market exchange rate and our low-fees on our website.

Send international transfers with Wise

The prices of the transfer displayed were accurate on 2nd February 2024

The more your business sends, the more you save

Wise offers a unique pricing model that benefits customers sending large amounts across borders. Calculate how much you can save using the Wise calculator, and see firsthand how your expenses decrease with higher transaction volume. We are always transparent about how much it's going to cost to send international payments, so you always know upfront and can plan your cash flow accordingly.

The price of the transfer displayed was accurate on 2nd February 2024

Transparent fees for making payments

Guaranteed rate

A guaranteed rate is exactly what you’d expect: an exchange rate that’s guaranteed for a specified period of time that we offer on most of our transfers. When currency markets are volatile, we may not be able to do so. You can still send money using live rate transfers.

As you finish setting up your transfer, we’ll guarantee your rate for a certain period of time. It’s important that you send your money to us right away so we receive your money on time. As long as we receive your money on time, you’ll get that rate locked. If your money doesn’t reach us in time, we’ll still convert and send it as soon as possible, but we’ll use the mid-market rate instead.


Auto Conversions allow you to pick your desired exchange rate and a specified amount to convert between two eligible currencies. We’ll watch the rate, and convert your money automatically when your desired rate - or an even better rate - is met in the market.

How do Auto Conversions work?

  • Go to your Wise Business account and choose Payments from the menu on the left hand side - select Auto Conversions. Here you can see all your previous and set auto conversions, and set new ones by selecting 'Create Auto Conversion'
  • You choose the currencies: Tell us which currencies you want to convert between.
  • You control the rate: Tell us the desired exchange rate at which you’d like to convert.
  • You pick the amount: Choose your amount of money to convert.
  • Set it and forget it: We’ll keep watch and when your desired rate - or one that is better than your desired rate - is met in the market, we’ll convert your money. We’ll also send you a notification when your money converts, or if it fails for any reason.

Exchange Rate tracker

Feeling overwhelmed and don't really know whether the current exchange rate is favourable or not? Have a look at the exchange rate chart, showing you the changes in the exchange rate during the last month. You can see this chart in both the app and website.

If you're not satisfied with the current mid-market exchange rate but don't want to set up auto-conversion when there's your desired mid-market exchange rate, you can utilise our rate tracker feature to stay informed about any rate drops.

Additionally, you have the option to set up your preferred exchange rate, and we will alert you when that rate becomes available. Prefer not to receive emails? Get your rate alerts in real time when you download the Wise app and create an account to get your rate alerts on the go.

The exchange rate displayed is up to date to 2nd February 2024

Ways to send international payments

Sending a single payment

To send money from your Wise balance, which is faster than transferring from a bank account outside of Wise, you first need to ensure your balance has sufficient funds. You can add money to your balance by following the instructions provided. There are two ways to send money from your balance.

  • Go to Home section, select the desired balance, click on ''Send'', and enter the recipient's details along with the amount and reference

  • Alternatively, you can initiate a transfer by clicking 'Send', 'Single Payment' and then choose your balance.

Scheduled transfer

You can schedule a transfer on both the Wise website or in the app. First, select 'Send'' and confirm the source of the funds (either your balance or a linked external account, available in US & Canada only). Enter the amount and click on the calendar icon to schedule the transfer. Choose the desired date and frequency (one-time, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly) and confirm the transfer.

Always make sure you have enough funds in your balance or linked bank account before the scheduled date. You can cancel scheduled transfers in the ''Manage'' section on the website or app or by contacting our customer support team. And you can always find out more information on scheduled transfers if you're unsure here.

Batch payments

Wise offers a streamlined solution for companies with remote or international staff or suppliers, letting you transfer money quickly and securely right into their local accounts. Time-saving batch payments make it easy to pay up to 1000 people simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual input of individual details - just upload the document containing all your recipients' bank information and we'll handle the payments.

Checking the status of your transfer

When sending international payments, knowing where your money is is crucial. In your Wise Business account, you're always able to see the status of your transfer - whether you're on the website or in the Wise App. All you need to do is click on 'Details' of the transfer you'd like to track.

Sometimes, it can take a little longer. The most common three reasons are:

We might need additional information
Depending where and what currency you send to, we may need to do some extra verification. If we do, we’ll send you an app push notification and an email letting you know what information we need.

The recipient’s bank might be processing the transfer
When the money tracker says Transfer Sent, it means Wise has sent out your money. But, it can still take a few working days for it to reach the recipient’s bank, and for them to process it. The extra time it takes also depends on the currency you’re sending to. Check your currency for how long it can take for the money to arrive to your recipient.

There’s a mistake in the recipient’s details
Sometimes, transfers get delayed because there’s a mistake in the recipient’s details. When this happens, some banks can still process the transfer, but it takes a little longer for them to match it to the right account. Other times, they’ll send the money back to us and we’ll ask you to send it again.
If your transfer is taking longer than you expect, double check the recipient’s details. Here’s what to do if you made a mistake.

With Wise you can send * instant international payments, in 40+ currencies to more than 160+ countries to pay your employees, suppliers or customers, all while you grow your business globally.

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