Sending Money To Bangladesh With Ria Money Transfer

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Sending money across countries is a common practice among a lot of people, including expats. Whether it’s to support their dear families, lend a hand to friends in need, or chip in for special occasions, such as Mum’s big birthday bash, expats often find themselves dipping into their wallets to send a bit of cash across the miles.

An option for sending money across borders is Ria Money Transfer. Ria offers a wide network of agents and partner locations worldwide, making it a convenient choice for those needing overseas bank transfers or cash pick-up services with competitive exchange rates and transparent fees. In this article we’ll talk all about how to send Money to Bangladesh with Ria Money Transfer, but also will present you with a smart and efficient tool: Wise, a multi-currency account that helps you save money when sending it abroad.

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How to Send Money to Bangladesh Using Ria Money Transfer Step by Step

Sending money to Bangladesh using Ria Money Transfer is an easy process.¹ Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

  1. Create an account

    If you haven’t already, start by creating an account on Ria’s website or mobile app. Provide the necessary details, including your name, email address, and contact information.

  2. Select Bangladesh as the Recipient Country

    After logging in, choose Bangladesh as the destination country for your money transfer.

  3. Choose the Transfer Amount

    Enter the amount you wish to send to your recipient in Bangladesh. Ria will display the applicable exchange rate and any fees associated with the transaction.

  4. Choose Payment Method

    Select your preferred payment method to fund the money transfer. Ria supports various payment options, including debit cards, credit card, and bank transfers.

  5. Select Payout Method

    Ria offers different payout options in Bangladesh, such as bank deposit, cash pickup, or even home delivery in some areas. Choose the most suitable option for your recipient.

  6. Enter Recipient Details

    Provide the recipient’s full name, address, and contact number. Ensure that all the information is accurate to prevent any delays in the transfer process.

  7. Review and Confirm

    Double-check all the details you’ve entered before proceeding. Verify the exchange rates, fees, and recipient information to ensure everything is correct.

  8. Complete the Transfer

    Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed all the information, proceed with the payment to complete the transfer process.

  9. Track Your Transfer

    Ria provides a tracking number for your transaction, which you can use to monitor the progress of your money transfer. You and your recipient will receive notifications once the funds are ready for pickup or deposit.

That’s it! Following these steps, you can safely and conveniently send money abroad using Ria Money Transfer.


Receiving Money with Ria Money Transfer in Bangladesh

You have a few options for receiving money via Ria Money Transfer in Bangladesh:

  1. Bank transfer account

  2. Mobile wallet

  3. Cash pickup

In order to receive money with Ria Money Transfer, you don’t need to lift a finger if the payment is sent to your bank account or mobile wallet.

In case you’ll be collecting the money in person in one of the Ria agent branches, you’ll need to have a couple of things with you. That includes a proper government-issued photo ID, like a passport or driving licence, as well as the order number and PIN from your receipt. You can get this receipt when the transfer is confirmed. The name on the photo ID must match the recipient name provided when arranging the transfer.

Ria Money Transfer: Transfer Limits to Bangladesh

The transfer limits to Bangladesh are £4,999 per day and per month online. If you’d like to send more than this amount, it is not possible for online money transfers, but you can send more by visiting a Ria store. You’ll need to inform some additional information such as ID, social security number, and other paperwork.⁴ When using Wise, the limit is around £3,500 per transfer to bank accounts, but you can do multiple transfers to same bank account.⁵

How Long Does it Take to Send Money to Bangladesh with Ria Money Transfer

Several factors can influence the time it takes for your transfer to reach your recipient, such as the method of payment you choose, the delivery option you select, the day of the week, and even security reviews.

If you’re looking for the fastest option, paying with a credit or debit card, or using cash at a Ria branch is the way to go. With these options, your money typically arrives within 15 minutes to 6 hours. On the flip side, if you opt for a bank account funded transfer, it’s usually the most cost-effective choice, but it might take up to 4 business days for the funds to get to Ria.⁶ Comparing with Wise, your money can be sent within one day, as a same day transfer, or even an instant money transfer.⁷

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And that’s pretty much it - everything you need to be clued-up on when making a money transfer with Ria to Bangladesh. We’ve covered the fees, transfer times, exchange rates, and everything important.

Either with Ria, Wise, or another provider, always keep in mind to compare both the fees and exchange rates before transferring money abroad. This way, you can ensure you’re getting the finest deal possible on your international transfers. Take a good look at which service suits you best and kickstart your savings today!

Please see the Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise fees & pricing for the most up-to-date information on pricing and fees.

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