Introducing the Wise open API


7 years ago, we set out to make the world of finance more fair. Our mission has always been simple: money without borders for everyone, everywhere – instant, convenient, and eventually free.

We’re happy to announce that we just got one step closer to achieving our mission. We have now opened our API so that everyone can integrate Wise into their workflow.

This means you can now get access to the same platform that powered our own business. So you can make the same transparently priced, fast, low-cost transfers directly from your own website or app. Or build whatever you need to better manage your finances.

You don’t need to be a business or a bank to use the API, and there are no extra charges or premium subscriptions. And it only takes a few minutes to get your tokens!

What you can do with the API

The possibilities are endless. Use our API to:

  • Power your cross-border and domestic payouts with a single API integration
  • Pay out directly to bank accounts or email recipients automatically
  • Monitor payments received to your Wise local bank details (AUD, EUR, GBP, USD)
  • Get statements for balance reconciliation and accounting purposes
  • Fully automate transfer creation and track statuses
  • Always get the mid-market exchange rate and our low cost transparent fees

You can also use our API to build tools you need to better manage your finances. For example, if you pay out salaries every week, you can build a feature to automate and schedule your transfers. If you want to know more, check out our API documentation to help you get started, and don’t forget to test out your code using our sandbox environment before going live.

What’s been done so far

Businesses and banks like N26, Monzo, Telleroo,, Hubstaff, LHV, Rentify, and more are already harnessing the power of Wise API. And the feedback has been great.

We recently shared an example of how we collaborated with Codementor to save both them and their customers money. Now we’ve made the same API available to you.

We have even bigger platforms gearing up to join us as well. We’re currently working with one of the largest French banks, BPCE, on an integration that will let their customers make payments with Wise, without leaving their BPCE online banking or app.

Why are we opening our API now?

As we’ve grown, the needs of our customers have grown, too. It will take us a long time to hire more people to build everything you need and deserve, and that’s why we’re opening our API and giving you (and your engineering team) the tools to do it on your own. An open API is necessary to fulfill our mission and help our customers scale along with us.

How to get started with the Wise API

Our API documentation has everything you and your engineering team need to kick off the integration.

It only takes a few minutes to get a sandbox account – and once you're done, you'll be able to start testing and building with our API right away.

You can easily create and manage your API tokens right from the settings page.

When you're ready to go live, sign in to your real Wise account to get your live API token.

If you do have any questions after reading the documentation there’s no need to worry, just get in touch with our team by following the steps here and they’ll quickly get you going again.


Coming soon

There are still a few limitations on the API, but we have a dedicated team working to make it better. For example, you can’t yet add a “Pay by Wise” button to your website. However, the good news is that soon you won’t have to poll the status of your transfer manually, as we are currently working on webhooks. This will allow you to receive notifications whenever your transfer progresses (e.g. we start the conversion or payout) and there’s much more to come in the future!

Don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you have more ideas on how we can improve our API and what features you would love to see appearing next

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