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At Wise, our mission is to build money without borders — making sending money abroad instant, convenient, transparent and eventually free.

But from day one, we knew that to complete this mission, we first needed to help our customers understand what cheap transfers really look like. Because with marked-up exchange rates and hidden fees, the industry needed shaking up by a bit of transparency. That’s why we built what we now know and love to be our price comparison tool — to expose the true costs of sending money abroad.

We also know that for many of our customers, speed can be just as important as price. Like when you have to pay a bill back home, or pay rent in another country — sometimes the need for speed can be the number one priority.

So from today, you’ll be able to see an estimate for when your money will arrive — as easily as you can compare price.

What have we added?

You’ll now be able to see delivery estimates from the providers we compare for price, for most currency routes.

And if we don’t know how long a provider will take to send money — because it’s not shown by them — we’ll tell you that too.

How does Wise estimate transfer speed?

When it comes to delivery estimates for our own transfers, we believe in being as specific as possible. Unlike most providers, we tell our customers how long their transfer should take — down to the minute. Giving customers ranges like 1-3 days just doesn’t work. You should always know exactly where your money is and when it will arrive.

And we’re committed to becoming even more accurate with our estimates. Read more on our perspective on transfer speed and how it works.

What’s next for the comparison tool?

A speedy and cheap transfer is all well and good, but trust is key when it comes to choosing a provider. Trusting that your money’s safe is important, which is why we want to include customer ratings, from people like you. So next up, we’re adding trustpilot scores — stay tuned.

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