Hermes International Shipping: A quick guide for online sellers

Remay Villaester (May)

If you are managing an e-commerce business, you know the significance of choosing the most suitable courier service for your business. Choosing the best delivery service is not merely a search for the right supplier, it is also about identifying a valuable ally who will help you deliver the best service and value to your international customers, so they keep coming back.

When your delivery or shipping costs have a considerable impact on your profit margins as well as customer satisfaction, it is important that you are fully aware of the best and most affordable shipping service for your eBay or Amazon store. This shows how crucial shipping is when you are selling your products online, especially on Amazon or eBay.

There is no doubt that delivery is one of the most crucial aspects in buyers’ eyes. Did you know that 2 out of the 4 detailed seller ratings are related to shipping? These are postage and packaging costs and dispatch time. Hermes International Shipping can help streamline the delivery aspects of your business.¹

As one of the popular courier services in the UK, Hermes delivery costs are relatively straightforward, and like Royal Mail International, they are more cost-effective for companies sending lightweight packages.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to Hermes International Shipping services in order to make your shipping decisions easier. We will also demonstrate how you can save money by using Wise when sending and receiving international transfers. .

What Kind of Postage Service do they Offer?

Hermes International Shipping offers many services. Some of these services are as follows.

Standard Service

If you would like to improve your shipping solution by providing your customers with a multichannel delivery service, Hermes International Shipping could be the right carrier for you with its standard service

Some of the main features of standard delivery are:

ETA Time WindowHermes International Shipping will give your customers a four-hour time window for delivery that you add on the company’s ETA service.

Courier Attempts

You can benefit from 3 consecutive courier attempts.

Several Options

Hermes can deliver products to your customer’s home, neighbors, or any other safe place.


You can get notification by email, mobile app or SMS.


Your customers can access a network of about 4,500 shops in order to collect their products or items.

Next Day

Hermes International Shipping can also help you provide your international customers with a faster delivery service for more urgent purchases. The company’s fully tracked Monday through Saturday Next Day service will allow more than 90% of your customers to order a parcel for delivery on the next working day, which is great.³

Some of the main features of next day delivery are:

Next Day Delivery

Hermes will deliver your packages and parcels within just 24 hours, with an industry-leading success rate of 98%.

Fully Tracked

Hermes International Shipping will also provide you with convenient end-to-end package tracking as standard.

Customer Notifications

If you add on the company’s Parcel Manager Email, Mobile App or SMS service, Hermes International Shipping can inform your customers when the package will be delivered.

ETA Timeslot

Hermes can offer your customers a four-hour time window for their package delivery if you add the company’s ETA Service.

How to Get Started?

You need a Hermes Account for your e-commerce businesses. This is because creating a business account offers many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Discounted rates
  • Personalized collections that suit your business
  • Fully tracked services
  • Various bulk uploads, as well as integration facilities, are also available
  • You will have a dedicated account manager

Step 1

To set up your Hermes International Shipping account, you’ll have to register by filling out this form.

Step 2

The next step entails providing information about your company. This will include details, such as your company address, company name, and your personal information, including your name, email address, age, and telephone number.

Step 3

Once you complete the form, a sales representative from Hermes International Shipping will contact you. They will discuss your specific service requirements in more detail. Note that it can take 15 to 30 business days for your Hermes International Shipping Business Account to be set up. So, you have to be patient.

How much does it Cost to Send a Package using Hermes International Shipping?

The cost of delivery will depend on various factors, such as the size, number of parcels, weight, and your shipment's destination. Prices can also vary by country, not by region. As a result, your delivery will cost the same, whether it is headed to Los Angeles or New York.

Keep in mind that sending one small package to Canada can cost about £23.07 (including VAT). On the other hand, shipping to the US may cost as little as £20.84 (including VAT). If you need a more specific estimate for packages of any size, you can visit the Quick Quote tool.

How to Save Money on International Payments?

As an online seller, you need a partner to optimise payments to your suppliers, collect payments from your clients, process refunds or simply transfer your profit from PayPal or other merchant accounts to your local bank account. All of these can be done using traditional banks, however, it's hard to find a bank that will not take less than 5% of your money on transfer fees.

Luckily, Wise provides a simple solution. Here are the ways you can save money using Wise:

  1. Receive foreign currencies for free using the multi-currency account.
  2. Avoid exchange rate mark-up most banks or providers charge so you’ll end up getting more from the money you send and receive internationally.
  3. Fair and reasonable service fees as well as mid-market rates – a main market differentiator - cheaper payments to vendors and suppliers abroad.

Wise never hides extra fees and charges in its exchange rate. On the other hand, some banks charge exchange rate mark-up, which is why they are not the best option for sending and receiving international transfers. The company uses the exchange rate that is independently provided by Reuters. And this means fair, transparent and low-cost transfers for your business, every time.

Here are some additional benefits of using Wise:

  • Enjoy instant or next-day delivery for a majority of currencies
  • Integration with Xero and Quickbooks to ease your accounting process
  • Multi-currency debit card for faster and convenient payments
  • Transaction costs are always transparent.
  • Simple-to-use app

Start saving today with Wise

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