Helping your business navigate coronavirus — guidance by country


Enterprises, sole traders and freelancers have all been affected by the economic downturn due to coronavirus. This has left many businesses — small and large — with questions on how to navigate the uncertainty.

And while we expect everything to run as normal at Wise, we wanted to help our business users where we can. So we’ve compiled a list of official government resources along with a few unofficial, in-depth guides by regional startup communities.

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Our commitment to your business

We don’t expect disruptions to our service

  • Because we’re an online service, you can continue to use Wise as normal. Remote working has always been part of our company culture, so we’re set up to keep things up and running from home.

  • We’re also working with regional regulators, including the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to make sure we have the best possible plans in place.

We’re ready should things change

  • Our teams are constantly monitoring any potential challenges when it comes to transferring to certain countries or banks.

  • You’ll see notifications in the Wise app if your transfer is expected to take a bit longer.

Take a look at the full letter from the Wise team on how we’re prepared to keep things running smoothly.

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