Exposed: the true cost of sending £1,000 to Euro


####Do you know how much your bank charges when you send money abroad?

It's likely to be more than you think.

In fact, it could be costing you up to 5% to send money abroad using one of the UK's high street banks.

Our data, taken direct from the bank's websites, shows that the stated fee is only a small part of the true cost.

The banks hide costs in bad exchange rates, which are much lower than the real mid-market exchange rate you’ll see on Google.

At Wise we're all about transparency. No hidden charges. No nasty surprises.

Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate (that same one you see on Google) and charges a low, transparent up-front fee. That's why it's cheaper.

It's only fair. It's your money.

Don't accept anything else.

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