30 effortless things you can do to make your finance life easier

Anna Allgaier

Hi there, I’m Anna and I write articles here at Wise. You may be wondering why I’m introducing myself here. And you may not be. Anyway, this blurb is here to inform you that all views, giggles and niggles come from me, not Wise. So I’m to blame if something makes you go “oh, shame.” Am I selling this article? I am, aren't I? Happy reading.

Hello. I’m lazy. And I’m also very, very bad at being an adult. Nice to meet you.

That’s why I’m selfishly writing an article on how to take your finance life from zero to hero without even really trying. Because is it really worth changing your life if it takes effort?

So without further ado, here are 30 tiny things you can do to filly that piggy bank up again.

Save on transfer fees? Yes please

  1. Keep an eye on subscriptions. Haven’t used Amazon Prime in a year? Still paying for Hinge? You silly billy.
  2. Shop the clearance section in supermarkets
  3. A lot of food products live past the sell by date so don’t chuck them (I won’t be held responsible for food poisoning though, give it a sniff first).
  4. Shop wholesale on your clothes
  5. Hit up the charity shops
  6. Sell unwanted things on apps like Depop
  7. As a matter of fact, just delete all the shopping apps on your phone.
  8. Use the “refer a friend” option on any services you use. They usually give you some credit to use after.
  9. Covered the lunch tab for your buddies because they “forgot their card?” Ask them for the money back. It’s ok to be that person.
  10. Look into money saving apps like CHIP
  11. Use our Wise Jars feature so you can put money aside into different sections. “Travel”, “Savings”, “Food cravings”. You get it.
  12. Want to buy something big? Take three weeks to think it over. It’ll still be there and you’ll know if you really want it.
  13. Put a tiny bit aside into “life savings” and a “just in case of emergencies” account each month. Shoutout to the time my dishwasher broke and I went into a state of despair.
  14. Think long term and invest a little bit of your dollar. Wise Assets can help with that.
  15. Services like Monzowill show you a breakdown of what you’re spending your money on each month so you can think smarter.
  16. Too many takeouts? Living the taxi life a bit too much? Tut tut tut.
  17. Work in an office with free snacks and coffee? Utilise it.
  18. On the caffeine topic, make your first cup at home and pop it in a to-go cup.
  19. Packed lunches
  20. Be smart when transferring money internationally. (This is me subtly plugging Wise and our affordable, transparent, mid-market fees.
  21. Consider leaving your credit card at home from time-to-time so you don’t see it as “free money.” Just me? Ok.
  22. Turn your plugs off at the switch
  23. Don’t spend everything on pay day. (This one's more of a message to myself).
  24. Sometimes bulk buying is cheaper, sometimes it isn’t. Look at the cost of things per kg.
  25. Buy one get one free isn’t always the deal it claims to be. Naughty.
  26. Take a look at compare sites to see if you’re getting the best bang for your buck with energy suppliers/ Wifi/ phone bills.
  27. Branded doesn’t mean better
  28. Live the leftovers life with your dinners
  29. Make a grocery list before you hit up the supermarket
  30. Some shops offer “price matching” so if you find the same product elsewhere for less, you can get the same deal.

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