Best places to exchange currency in Naples


Every year, Italy sees nearly fifty million overseas visitors arrive. This makes it the fifth most visited country in the world - and a fair share of those tourists pass through Naples at some point on their journey.

The third largest city in Italy, Naples boasts castles, piazzas and historic churches - for a city originally founded in the 8th century B.C., it’s a real walk through history.

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll need some euros in your wallet. Make the most of your trip by finding the best places to exchange your cash in Naples.

Use this guide to avoid the rip-offs and get a fair deal when converting your cash in Naples.

Things to know before exchanging currency

  1. Educate yourself on the mid-market rate - know how much your cash is really worth.
  2. Compare the exchange rates you’re offered with the real rate online using a currency converter.
  3. Try not to exchange your cash in or around airports and hotels to avoid tourist traps.
  4. ATMs are a good option - ask your home bank if they have any partnerships with banks in Naples (and then use their ATMs for reduced transaction fees).
  5. Avoid letting a foreign ATM do any conversion for you - always choose to be charged in the local currency (EUR, in this case).

The mid-market rate is important because it is the only ‘real’ exchange rate, and the one banks use when dealing with each other. This is the rate you’ll see on Google - with no commission charges inflating it.

A handy tool when it comes to exchanging your cash, is an online currency converter. Know where to access one before you travel and you’ll have the mid-market rate at your fingertips, whatever currencies you need to convert. You can use it to compare the consumer rate offered you in Naples to the real rate online to see if you’re actually getting a good deal.

Although you might need quick cash when you arrive, it’s best to avoid the currency exchange services in airport and hotel exchanges, as their rates are usually poorer than the ones you’ll find in town. If you must, change enough for your taxi or transportation and then exchange the rest when you get into a place with more friendly prices.

For many travellers, using an ATM can offer both convenience and reasonable exchange rates. If you plan on withdrawing cash during your trip, ask your home bank if they have any partnership agreements with banks in the region. If they do, you might be able to withdraw cash from the ATM of a partner bank at a lower cost.

Something to be aware of when using a foreign bank card, the ATM might offer to charge your withdrawal in your home currency. This is a bad idea, as it allows the ATM’s bank to impose a poorer exchange rate. Get charged in the local currency instead, to get a fairer deal. If the ATM asks instead whose conversion rate you wish applied - choose your home bank’s rate, not the one offered by the ATM.

However you get your hands on cash for your trip, don't convert more than you’ll need. Changing your excess Euros back to your home currency means you're charged twice to get your hands on your own cash. Spend any excess cash instead.

Where to exchange money

Even if they claim ‘zero commission’, all of the services - including those listed below - will take a cut from your currency exchange, generally hiding their commission in a poorer exchange rate. Shop around and be sure to compare the rates you’re offered with the real mid-market rate so you can choose the fairest deal.



Travelex has exchange desks in several airports around Naples. If you're desperate to change cash you might be best exchanging only a small amount and looking for a better deal in town.

| --- | --- |
| Locations | Phone Number |
| Naples International Airport (arrivals & departures) | 08 17809107 (arrivals), 08 17801825 (departures), |
| Catania International Airport (arrivals) | 09 57232186, |
| Bologna Airport G Marconi (arrivals, boarding & departures) | 05 16472306 (arrivals), 05 16472181 (boarding), 05 16472386 (departures), |

Opening Hours

All airport locations are open 7 days a week.

  • Naples: 8:00-23:30 (arrivals), 5:30-22:00 (departures)
  • Catania: 6:00-22:00 (arrivals)
  • Bologna: 9:00-22:00 (arrivals), 5:30-19:00 (boarding), 8:30-17:00 (departures)



Forexchange has a desk in the main train station.

| --- | --- |
| Location | Phone Number |
| Naples’ Central Station | +39 800 305357 |

Opening Hours

7:30 - 21:30 seven days a week

Latte Luciana Cambia Valute


Currency exchange near the port.

| --- | --- |
| Location | Phone Number |
| 6 Via Colombo, 80133 Napoli | +39 081 5529145 |

Opening Hours

09.00 - 18.00, closed on the weekends.

Alternatively - for an even better deal with low, transparent fees - use Wise. If you (or a friend) have an Italian bank account, you can transfer money between accounts using the real mid-market exchange rate.

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